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  1. What is Omnichannel Personalization and Why Do It?
  2. How to Engage Customers:  Talk Listen Act
  3. Critical Enablers – How to Get it Done
  4. Keys to Success for Customer Experience

Excerpt from the original CMO Solution Guide to Omnichannel Personalization:

So, throughout this report so far, we’ve talked about “omnichannel personalization”, customer engagement, moving from one-way monologue to a two-way dialogue, tactics, measures, analytics, engines, advocacy, reward, etc… BUT SO WHAT?

At the end of the day, if you do all these things right, what does it mean? To your brand and to your customers?

We remind you now of the very first concept of this report which talks about happy and unhappy customers… and that unhappy customers are more “powerful” than happy ones…because they tell more people about their bad experience than happy customers do about their good ones. And there it is! EXPERIENCE.

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE

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