For many brands, marketing is the unit that brings both local and global teams together in order to make sure everyone is marching toward the same goals. This also puts marketing front and center for leading, implementing and maintaining company-wide digital transformations.

In our latest Virtual Roundtable members-only video replay, Michael Lacorazza, EVP and Head of Integrated Marketing at Wells Fargo, and Andrew Miller, VP of Global Corporate Marketing at Aon, shared real B2B and B2C examples of how they have led internal and external changes in order to integrate all facets of their respective organizations while creating a seamless customer experience that really provides value to the people they are serving.

In a previous article, we broke down some of Lacorazza and Miller’s key takeaways, including:

  • It’s important to remember digital is a channel, not a strategy
  • How to lead transformation by starting with great conversations
  • How to create a plan for actively implementing new digital transformation

Now, we are sharing their entire discussion, which dives more into how CMOs can effectively lead transformation and implement the following steps:

  • Start with the customer: Your marketing strategy should align with your overall business strategy. So, after your team answers the question, “Where are our customers?” all transformation can cascade from there.
  • Connect with your customers in and across channels: This requires reaching your customers where they are and creating seamless touchpoints that don’t just interact but overlap with each other.
  • Always check your data: Not only knowing your customers and their behaviors but what data you can act on and use is key for creating actionable plans that build on customer trust.
  • To drive growth, drive the brand: After the initial campaign, digital is a primary way to continue conversations with consumers about what you stand for as a brand.
  • Create content that supports your digital initiatives: Leveraging social media, creative teams, and budgets to talk to consumers in an ongoing way that continues to catch their eye and inspire action.

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