At a past Spring Summit in New York, we hosted the first ever Data Analytics Show during which a group of senior analysts and marketing executives shared their unique perspectives with a room full of CMOs (traditionally known as “creative types”). The group consisted of Sandeep Sancheti, VP of Customer Insights & Operational Excellence at Wolters Kluwer; Rishi Dave, CMO at Dun & Bradstreet; Dawn Eash, Senior Managing Consultant at Berkeley Research Group and Drew Miller, Executive Director of Marketing Analytics and Insights at Dell. The panel was hosted by John Kelly, Managing Director of the Berkeley Research Group.

No matter your preconceived notions, the panel’s collective insights on how to make the analyst-marketer relationship work were positive and refreshing. In fact, the panel was one of the most well received at the entire Summit. As marketing and customer service rapidly evolves toward a world where decisions are dictated by data, creating and integrating an analytical team is no longer a luxury for a company – it’s a necessity.

We’ve highlighted three noteworthy points below, but these clips pale in comparison to the real thing. We encourage you to attend our Fall 2016 Summit in Santa Monica to witness amazing panels like this one in person!

Analytics is a Team Sport

Renaissance Man
[youtube id=”grcrkTChp_I”]

How to Integrate Analytics into Decision Making

Data Analysts

[youtube id=”qgZOMntO7Uk”]

Use Analytics to turn Detractors into Promoters

Detractors to Promoters

[youtube id=”GpNSM-RWmVg”]

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