When we were in school, teachers always told us that quality was more important than quantity. It might seem like a stretch, but the push for a more content-driven enterprise certainly has similarities. Businesses need to be more focused on their content in order to engage everyone from employees to customers. This of course is where technology comes into play. Everyone knows how technology has taken the world by storm, revolutionized society, and essentially ingrained itself into nearly every aspect of everyday life. One of the best ways to create a more content driven enterprise is to effectively leverage these new technologies.

Here are 5 top technology trends and how they can help promote a more content driven enterprise:

#1: Tablets and Mobile Devices – In recent years the sales volume of mobile devices has only been marginally smaller than that of computers. This trend is definitely worth taking notice. The convenience and portability of smart phones and tablets are making them the go-to device for internet access. Now people do everything from banking, shopping, emailing, playing games, and much more on their mobile devices. One challenge for making the most of this trend is the necessity of making business websites and content user friendly and compatible on a wide range of devices. Security has been a concern so effort needs to be made to ensure security of sensitive information.

#2: Social Media – If you are looking for a way to strengthen the impact of your content, then social media is right for you. A great way to start is to identify where your target audience hangs out on social media and what interests them most. The next logical step is to align your content strategy with an overall marketing strategy and create an Editorial Calendar for all things including events, updates, Press Releases, white papers, and any other content that your company produces. Once you have everything aligned and the right amount of content created, you should start updating your social media channels on daily basis.

#3: Cloud Computing – The ease and appeal of having your own personal cloud for storing data has taken hold of both customers and businesses. The ability to have access to your information from multiple devices and platforms is a brilliant concept. One way of leveraging cloud computing for content strategy is collaboration. Real-time updates help to stay on track and make sure that all parties have access to content. Teams have a unique ability to save time on collaboration, decrease costs and review/approve/leave feedback all while working on the cloud without the need for face-to-face meetings. This trend is definitely one to focus on.

#4: Big Data – Collecting customer data and implementing strategies to utilize this data are becoming a huge focus point for many companies. Thousands of data points are collected every day and companies need to find a way to sort through this mountain of information. Big data can be used to determine how effective a company’s content is, how loyal and engaged their customers are, the level of employee engagement and much more. Many IT groups are working hard to make this information more functional.

#5: 3D Printing – We’ve been hearing buzz about this new trend for a while. It has definitely attracted the attention of many consumers. Why? This innovative printer allows one to produce 3D designs. Marketers are increasingly using this tool to create custom prints as prizes, giveaways, and other designs to boost marketing outreach at the brick and mortar activities.