Synopsis Magnification is the key to doing more with less.  Expanding your circle of influence multiplies your resources and increases your probability of and levels of success. How do you build buy-in from wider audiences — internally and externally — to embrace your ideas and help to further catalyze your marketing mindset?  It’s about being crystal clear and authentic and leveraging the “six degrees of separation” concept.  Read on for ideas that can make a difference…

After interviewing leading marketers, five behavior patterns were identified as the underpinnings of marketing genius. This article details Pattern #5: Magnify Marketing Mindset in a quick why, what, how format to provide actionable ideas to help enhance your own marketing genius.

This article is part of a series covering excerpts from “Unlocking The Five Patterns of Marketing Genius” 

  1. Unlocking The Five Patterns Of Marketing Genius (Overview)
  2. Construct Customer-Centricity
  3. Gel Goals and Hone Focus
  4. Cultivate a Creative Culture
  5. Play Polite Politics
  6. Magnify Marketing Mindset 


by Michelle Reeb, Inspired by Taryn Voget

Why. CMOs are under pressure to deliver impressive ROI quickly and effectively, while venturing into the unknown with their groundbreaking ideas. Genius CMOs must think like entrepreneurs, not afraid of failure and ready to risk it all for a program they believe in. How do they mitigate the risks of a daring new campaign? Read on…

What. Amplify your program through service and expanded reach.

Service. Be authentic and be clear about who you are, what you do and what you aim to accomplish. What is it that sets your company and offering apart? How does “what you do” serve your clientele? How do you add value to their business? How do you improve the lives of the individuals or companies that you serve?

Expanded Reach. Developing and implementing a campaign is a major investment of time and resources. To maximize your return on investment consider ways to expand your reach. Think big. Who could benefit from your offering? Consider those who are known and brainstorm for new opportunities.

It’s akin to the Six Degrees of Separation theory. By developing strong business relationships by being helpful and valuable with a core group, you can grow you circle. When you add value, you generate peer-based referrals – which is the only type of referral that has credibility. You build strong relationships with your (now) larger customer base and then expand the chain of clients out to their acquaintances, and so on.


1.  Cultivate Relationships | Create Teams of Advocates:

Build teams of brand ambassadors keeping in mind the concept of “Give to Get”. By giving them something of value first (service), you garner their support (expand reach).


  • Top Customers: When your company is helping to solve your customers’ biggest challenges, you have a created a special bond where they want to see you succeed as much as you are contributing to their success. You become cheerleaders for one another. Endorsements from these ambassadors are the most valuable in helping you grow your business and attract new clientele. Capitalize on it by working them into your marketing campaign.
  • Influencers: Determine who influences your customer and get them excited about what you have to offer.

Jeffrey Hayzlett thought through every possible approach to make Kodak’s PGA Tournament sponsorship a resounding success. To create buzz and get pro golfers interested in participating in the tournament, they targeted the wives, recognizing that the “wives control the guys”. With gifts and a million dollars in prize money, the wives encouraged their husbands to get out there and play.

  • Partners: Look to all of your partnerships to determine how they can be ambassadors. By promoting those who serve you, you create advocates.
  • Internal: Build company-wide momentum by sharing your plan and your successes with everyone in your organization to gain buy-in, support and additional advocates. Create additional buzz by getting your employees engaged in the campaign. For example, if you’re sponsoring a golf tournament, like the PGA example above, consider sponsoring an employee-only golf tournament or an advocate’s golf tournament for employees, customers, and partners to mingle.

Program Ambassador Team Concept. Begin by gathering an imaginative and cross-functional team of people within your organization of various ranks and backgrounds to brainstorm ideas and become internal campaign/program ambassadors. Think members from marketing, finance, human resources, IT, etc. IBM has a tradition of doing this and it works well on many levels. You’ll achieve insights from all ranks of your organization, you’ll have ambassadors sharing the vision that they helped to create and you’ll identify future leaders of your organization.

2.  Expand.

Expanding reach will happen naturally through your team of advocates, but there is more you can do to expand reach, generate momentum, energy and excitement and maximize ROI.


  • Take a local campaign global or extend to a different set of customers.
  • Repeat the campaign. Keep the same, slightly modify or change the theme to leverage a successful framework.
  • Leverage social media.
  • Link the attributes of your campaign to the attributes of your company.

An Example:   Disney’s Pirates – Generations of Discovery and Exploration

Ahoy, maties! Are you ready for adventure? Disney’s pirates have sure had quite the journey. Did you ever dream that when the Pirates of the Caribbean ride opened at Disneyland on March 18, 1967 that it would have resurgence in popularity well into 2014? With the advent of the Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie franchise, featuring the ever-popular Jack Sparrow, a new generation of swashbucklers has become endeared to the brand.

The movies alone have garnered over $1.2 billion in revenue (Source: IMDB). The ride has been updated to include Jack Sparrow throughout the cruising adventure, further reinforcing the brand. And Disney’s Magic Kingdom offers the most amazing treasure hunt complete with authentic maps and interactive animations that are activated as a reward for finding clues and solving a series of riddles. Explorers discover hidden treasures in a multitude of locations, including gift shops that spark purchases of swords, costumes and other treasures.

Disney Pirates Expand. In addition to the ride, movies, costumes, dolls, toys, posters and party favors (just to name a few) the pirate theme continues for Disney.

  • Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy movie
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates TV show
  • Disney pirates goods sold at museum exhibitions of “Real Pirates”