Twice a year, I get the privilege of hosting 150-200 heads of marketing at The CMO Club’s Spring and Fall Summits. We bring the world’s best and brightest marketers together to speak, share expertise and engage with one another. It’s magic.

Why? Because it’s a place for CMOs to meet in a safe environment and foster each other’s personal growth. I truly believe in elevating your peers and having a strong support system, and that’s just what we do.

During the year, we go online to interact across geographic borders, and I commend our members for making those connections. Then, at the Summit events each year, we get to come together with our peers, sharing and solving tough problems with fresh ideas.

I’ll sit in one of these sessions and learn something that would be perfect for my industry, when it’s from a completely different industry. There are fabulous ideas everywhere.” Chris Brull, SVP of Marketing at Kawasaki

CMOs in smaller cities get exposure to international brands, B2B companies learn from B2C tactics (and vice versa), partners and marketers are brought together in a non-selling environment, and everyone gets a recharge for the year.

It’s like putting deposits in the bank for a CMO to stay motivated and on topic of what’s happening in the world and how things are trending.” Ann Davis, CMO of Direct General Insurance

It’s hard to fully describe the energy and personal connections that are made. Put simply: we like to have fun and build meaningful relationships.

One of our signature touches that help us do this are our surprise guests. For example, Cindi Lauper, Anthony Anderson, Diplo, and Former President of Mexico Vincente Fox have attended past Summits.

And our high-energy break-out sessions do more than just scratch the surface: Members and speakers deep-dive into topics like brand culture, high-impact customer experiences, effective storytelling and trust-based leadership.

Hearing member takeaways and ‘ah-ha’ moments at the end of each Summit remind me why I love these events so much. It really is about our members – and what’s going on in their world right now.

If you’d like to join us in Santa Monica on October 7-8, click here for more information.