Marketers sometimes resist the siren call of mobile, but that might soon be impossible. “More than 50% of people are now accessing the web through mobile phones, so clearly you can’t ignore mobile,” says Sanjay Gupta of Allstate, which has been experimenting with homegrown apps like QuickFoto Claim and Digital Locker. With that percentage growing every year, mobile marketing is no longer an optional consideration.

CMOs jumping onto the mobile marketing bandwagon have encountered several puzzles to solve; a mobile campaign has to be user-friendly, fit in with other initiatives, and make sense for the mobile platform as well as the company. Martine Reardon of Macy’s notes that tweaking their app was important, as was addressing user needs: “We’ve recently relaunched our Macy’s mobile app with significant improvements to the user experience and have launched a brand-new Macy’s Image Search app that leverages visual recognition technology to populate search results.”

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