Look around you. Chances are, you can see more than a few phones – probably several even within arm’s reach. Smartphones have certainly become ubiquitous in today’s world, yet marketers still struggle to identify the hype from reality when it comes to determining where to invest advertising dollars.

The latest CMO Solution Guide, researched and created in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud, shows that advertising on mobile devices is largely underutilized by brands, even though mobile-specific strategies can reach customers at almost any point in the customer journey and largely impact positive performance. Beyond the Hype: What Really Works in Mobile Marketing revealed that, although individual campaign goals may differ, there are still untapped opportunities for increasing ROI by increasing the portion of advertising budgets that are focused on mobile.

Today’s marketing leaders know mobile isn’t a stand-alone strategy, tactic or channel, but rather one small piece that is integrated into the overall marketing mix. Within that realm, the core areas CMOs are optimizing for mobile effectiveness are search marketing, apps, websites and landing pages, messaging, email, social media and cross-device identity management. Additionally, marketers revealed that, while mobile apps are used for establishing and maintaining customer loyalty and brand advocacy, they still look to mobile-optimized websites and landing pages to provide value to prospects.

“Mobile is a very important component of our customer acquisition. Small business owners do a lot of research and investigation on mobile regarding financial options for their business, so search marketing and content designed for mobile devices is a big focus,” said Chirs Moloney, CMO, CAN Capital.

As capabilities continue to evolve, CMOs said they are keeping an eye on augmented reality, mobile payment options and mobile document scanning for how they can use mobile in the future – both to increase new customer acquisitions and improve upon the existing customer experience.

Beyond the Hype: What Really Works in Mobile Marketing provides marketers with a 10-Step Mobile Marketing Action Plan to make sure no part of their mobile strategy is overlooked.

Download the Solution Guide, HERE.