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Optimizing Marketing’s Seat in the Boardroom with Ed Dandridge, CCO at Boeing
When marketing gets a seat in the boardroom, how do we make a maximum impact? Ed Dandridge, SVP & CCO at Boeing, led a recent CMO Club Virtual Roundtable where he shared five things marketing leaders can do to prepare for the board room and get invited back.

What is required of a CMO today? Personal Reflections from David Postill a year into COVID
Toronto CMO Club member David Postill, SVP Marketing & Customer Experience at AGI shares his personal reflections from the past year and talks about the multiple roles and responsibilities of CMOs today.

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Droga5’s Wry Ads for Petco Imagine If People Were Pets
Themed “It’s What We’d Want If We Were Pets,” the work from Droga5, in partnership with Tariq Hassan, CMO at Petco represents the retailer’s first big push since its pivot to a health-and-wellness positioning late last year.

Five Criteria For Starting A Platform Marketplace
Anand Rao, SVP, Marketing & E-commerce at AutoNation talks about his passion for platform businesses, beginning in his management consulting days, even before they were popular.  Any business can and should be thinking about a platform business model as long as it is willing to embrace unconventional methods, such as inviting the competition to participate.

Businesses need to reassess their workplace culture and technology as workers prepare to return to the office
As companies start to consider the slow or staggered transition back to the office environment, they’re also thinking about something else: technology, and the key role it plays in the culture of collaboration. “What I find fascinating is that we’ve all owned this technology and never really operated in this way,” says Anna Griffin, Chief Marketing Officer of Smartsheet.

Google’s Ad Changes Prompt Big Brands to Revamp Data Strategies
Bacardi, Clorox and Cadillac are among the marketers preparing for new Google restrictions that will include the blocking of third-party cookies.
“We will need to hold and own a lot more of our own consumers’ data ourselves, and rely less on the gatekeeping of Google and Apple or borrowing in other people’s data,” said Sebastian Micozzi, SVP of Digital Transformation at Bacardi.
“We’re working to bring people to our website so they can and will share their data,” Ms. Grier said. “It helps us understand how we can have a better and more fruitful relationship with them as cookies disappear,” said Stacey Grier, Chief Marketing and Strategy officer at Clorox.
“We were starting to get to this great place where all we were looking for was, how do we tie everything together anonymously? But we could understand who people are,” Melissa Grady, Marketing Chief at Cadillac said, referring to the way digital marketing has been operating with cookies.

Human Connection And No-Ego Marketing With Docupace’s CMO Ryan George
In this episode of Marketing Today with Alan Hart, Ryan George, CMO for Docupace and Alan discuss the B2B marketing space, Ryan’s focus on content marketing and building expertise within an organization, and how that can be a natural, self-fulfilling prophecy for your success.

How To Use Clubhouse To Expand Your Influence
Clubhouse launched in April 2020 as a novel social networking app based on audio-only conversation.  Jeff Sass, CMO for and others share strategies to help you foster authentic connections and uncover valuable networking opportunities.

Advice for New VP of Marketing w/ Lisa Leight from Convoso
In this episode, host Shahin Hoda chats with Lisa Leight, VP of Marketing at Convoso, about how newly appointed marketing executives can build a new team from scratch and better leverage the existing resources at their organisations.

Your Brand is Only as Good as Your Marketing Team
What’s the secret to building a strong marketing team? And what’s the makeup of that team? Sharing his wisdom on the subject with Maverick of Marketing, Troy Scheer, CMO of Binary Solutions Group, sat down with host Shannon Maverick.

Jerri DeVard Launches The Black Executive CMO Alliance
Jerri DeVard, previous Chief Customer Officer of Office Depot and current Under Armour board member, has founded an organization called the Black Executive CMO Alliance (BECA) that aims to reduce the corporate diversity gap.

Joy at Work: Managing a Global Team Through Empathetic Leadership with Alicia Tillman
SAP Global CMO Alicia Tillman has always made empathy part of her leadership style, but 2020 has reinforced her core values more than ever. She joins Joy@Work to discuss leading with empathy and the structural steps she’s taken to address issues of diversity and inclusion.

The Burger King? A look at the maverick brand’s sales during Fernando Machado’s CMO reign
On one hand, Burger King’s creative campaigns during the tenure of former CMO Fernando Machado received much acclaim, including top spot in the World Creative Rankings. On the other, some pundits dismissed the headline-making ads as mere stunts that did little to help the fast-food chain’s bottom line. So, who was right? Columnist Samuel Scott investigates.

Inside Lowe’s Shark Tank-inspired initiative to find new products
Growing and promoting a small business is hard, particularly for entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. “Just getting to the front door of a company like ours can be daunting, let alone having help getting your foot inside it,” said Marisa Thalberg, EVP and chief brand and marketing officer at Lowe’s.

Brad Hiranaga: “I’ve been in love with brands since I was 5 years old.” – Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing with Bob Pittman
It’s not just about marketing for Brad Hiranaga. As the Chief Brand Officer, North America for General Mills, Brad has been helping the company realize its potential as a force for good: from encouraging families to connect around the dinner table, to fighting the hunger gap with the No Kid Hungry initiative. In fact, he’s been working tirelessly to improve food security and accessibility during this pandemic.

Think agile to extend the value of content systems and processes
Chief Marketing Officers have the highest turnover of all C-suite roles at Fortune 500 companies. The executive search firm Spencer Stuart found that the tenure of CMOs at top U.S. brands in 2019 averaged 41 months. The median tenure was just 30 months. Why? “Tough business headwinds, new technologies, and pressures to change quickly,” said Greg Welch, a Spencer Stuart consultant. “It’s a perfect storm.”

L’Oréal reveals sustainability program on eve of Earth Day
In accordance with L’Oréal for the Future, L’Oréal Paris will adopt the ambitious task of reducing its carbon footprint by 50% to a finished product by the end of the decade. “It’s time to accelerate innovation in the field of sustainability, move the world to a circular economy and reduce the impact of our products,” said Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global Brand President.

CMO of the Week: Kimberly Clark’s Zena Srivatsa Arnold
As Kimberly-Clark’s Global Chief Digital & Marketing Officer since May 2020, Zena Arnold has spent her first year on the job embracing the hybrid nature of her role.

Podcast: Coffee Break with Gooten
Gooten CMO Mark Kapczynski meets with amazing industry leaders to discuss the PURPOSE behind their business along with how they look to succeed.

Candid Advice from Mark Riston and Sebastian Micozzi at the 2021 EMEA Summit
Fresh from being awarded the special title of President Emeritus from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), former RBS Chief Marketing Officer and advertising legend David Wheldon reflects on his marketing legacy, as well as the need for agencies to position themselves as creative partners first and foremost in today’s climate.

Talkdesk Enters Next Decade Fueled by Innovation, Expanded International Presence, New Brand
“Today is about retelling the Talkdesk story in a way that pays tribute to our legacy, embraces our commitment to diversity and giving back, and deeply connects our path forward to the thousands of Talkdesk customers and employees who made what is yet to come possible,” said Kathie Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, Talkdesk.

‘The corporate narrative had to be more agile’: How the pandemic intensified the content role of CMOs
While talking shop a while back with a friend who is the editor-in-chief of an international news magazine, veteran marketer Anna Griffin, CMO for Smartsheet, and the journalist realized just how similar their occupations actually were — that marketing chiefs are increasingly the editors-in-chief of their own organizations.