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What technology investments are marketing leaders making now for future success?
CMO Club members Muriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Western Union, Kimberly Kupiecki, Global Leader Sustainability, Advocacy, Communications, DuPont Water Solutions, Tony Kempa, Managing Director, Head of Marketing, Business Development, and Brand (CMO), Environmental Systems Design, Inc., and Megan Lueders, CMO, Silicon Labs share the technology investments they are making to remain competitive in this digital-first landscape.

CMO ClubHouse Conversations with Sharon Buntain
We chatted with Sharon Buntain about how luxury brands can make a difference, the importance of world travel, and where hope can still be found.

Driving Innovation for Real Market Leadership
Jon Bridges, Chief Marketing Officer at Chick-fil-A Corporate led a Virtual Roundtable around the challenges of driving innovation for real market leadership. Bridges shares his formula for continuous innovation across the marketing function and optimizing against a view of the future.

The T-Method for Generating “New Value” as a CMO
Mark-Hans RicherChief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Fortune Brands led a Virtual Roundtable around how CMOs can generate “new value” for their organizations during this time of extraordinary uncertainty. In a first reveal to The CMO Club, he introduced his “T-Method” framework for how Marketers can identify opportunity areas.

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50 Influential Marketing Leaders Changing the Industry in 2020

Congrats to Michael McCunney and Revenue Analytics, Inc. on their brand refresh, website reboot, and launch of three new products!

Congrats to these members on their new roles!

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Five e-commerce themes marketers should know
Jill Baskin, Chief Marketing Officer, The Hershey Company, said: “It’s been an interesting, and very quick, journey to bring all of those budgets together, and to plan them together so that we aren’t overlapping each other or shingling, as we call it, one offer on top of another.”

How Mastercard and Tokopedia are helping SMEs get online
While it might be too early to tell if the pandemic will usher in new strategies, it has definitely accelerated processes that were underway in the pre-pandemic age. “First-time users…like my parents, as marketers, our role is to ensure that they feel confident in using it. That is the only way to bring in people who have been excluded from the financial mainstream to help evolve the digital economy… I’m inclined to quote our global CMO, Raja Rajamannar, ‘now is a time to serve, not to sell,’” said Ruston Dastoor.

Rethink How You Do Business in Order to Keep Being Innovative
“You can put people together in ways that might never have happened in the office,” says Beth Comstock, a former vice chair of General Electric Co.

How a startup’s first big customer can make or break success
It’s critical for entrepreneurs to make their first customers successful early on. In this episode of Zero to IPO, Beth Comstock, the former vice chair of GE and the author of Imagine It Forward, and Jasmine Crowe, the founder and CEO of Goodr shared advice for other entrepreneurs on storytelling, building strong relationships with customers, and getting the highest possible ROI from customer contracts and case studies.

For arenas, all events on “hold” during pandemic
“It might look a little bit different, but it’s not going to completely evaporate,” said David Kells, the Nashville Predators’ svp of entertainment and marketing at Bridgestone Arena. “It’s not if things will return but when. The question mark is when do we actually start with a large volume of rescheduled dates.”

BE Exclusive: ‘There is a time to serve, and there is a time to sell’, says Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar
In an exclusive interaction with Brand Equity, Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer and president, healthcare, Mastercard, shares his views on how the marketing playbook is changing and what marketers need to look out for in a post-Covid world.

The art and science of the modern marketing team
As time and technology advanced, the Golden Age lost its shimmer as advertisers had to adapt to a more digital future. Consumer sentiment changes now in real time, meaning brands and agencies had to adapt using technology to scale, to become more efficient, and to reach customers in real time wherever they are.  Article by Mary Ellen Dugan, chief marketing officer at WP Engine.

Forbes partners with Smartsheet to drive deeper consumer engagement
Anna Griffin, Chief Marketing Officer of Smartsheet said that marketing and sales are becoming increasingly interconnected and need a solution that breaks down silos between the two so that business leaders have access to the right actionable insights to make meaningful business decisions.

General Mills brand chief on pivoting harder into solving problems, delivering joy
The pandemic has allowed General Mills to fully activate its internal mantra of being a force for good. Brand chief Brad Hiranaga details how this US food giant is altering its marketing plans to take action based on the needs of the moment.

Kruger Soaks Up the Everyday Drama in This Cinematic Ad for Its Paper Products
Such everyday drama informs “Unapologetically Human,” the first campaign for Canadian paper-products company Kruger from ad shop Broken Heart Love Affair and Kruger CMO, Susan Irving. This 90-second film directed by Mark Zibert anchors the push, which aims to transcend category conventions with a cinematic, heartfelt appeal.

Your chief digital officer can’t be an afterthought anymore
As we all adjust to the new normal, the digital experience a company provides is more important than ever. Companies need to reconsider how they handle their digital leadership. Article by: Anand Rao, SVP, Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, AutoNation

Does inclusive marketing rest with agencies or clients?
In strategy’s ongoing series focused on D&I, members of its CMO Council, including Antoinette Benoit, CMO at McDonald’s Canada, discuss how to authentically reflect the country’s diversity.

Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives Convene To Chart A Path Towards Economic Restart
Leaders from BlackRock, Nike, Bank of America, Verizon, United Airlines, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Sony Pictures, American Express and Target (Rick Gomez) to Attend L’ATTITUDE, Discussing Power of U.S. Latino Cohort to Fuel Exponential Growth

Renegade Thinkers Unite: Collaborating Creatively in the Zoom Economy
It’s important for CMOs and other leaders to help their teams Zoom smarter, not harder. In this week’s episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite, Smartsheet CMO Anna Griffin shares tips and tricks for facilitating effective brainstorming sessions, like starting meetings with a frame break and assigning ownership. The process passed the test, as the Smartsheet team pulled together and published their recent global survey within a week of their initial Zoom ideation session. Be sure to tune in, you won’t want to miss it.

How Fernando Machado Has Steered Burger King and Popeyes Through the Covid Crisis
Burger King and Popeyes haven’t missed a beat during the coronavirus pandemic, with both continuing to produce their unique brand of entertaining advertising, just with a Covid spin. On this week’s episode of On Brand, we catch up with Fernando Machado, who oversees both brands as global CMO of Restaurant Brands International.

3 Actionable Insights with… SAP global CMO Alicia Tillman
What does it take for a global B2B brand to succeed today? SAP’s Alicia Tillman, who was named by Forbes as one of the most influential CMOs in the world, shares her actionable insights that will help marketers lead the way forward during this moment and beyond.

Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio to Exit
Facebook’s Chief Marketing Officer, Antonio Lucio, is leaving the company. He helped expand advertising to bolster trust in the company.

Renegade Think Unite: The Ins and Outs of B2B Demand Generation
In this episode, Kevin Fliess, a veteran CMO in SaaS and enterprise software who knows a thing or two about how to build an enduring demand generation engine that runs efficiently and effectively. His comprehensive insights cover everything from simple messaging to frictionless free trials to lead scoring models—as well as his take on why the brand purpose work Cofense did with Renegade last year has been crucial to their COVID response.

How Cadillac is using e-commerce during COVID-19
Once COVID set in, Cadillac Live service witnessed a five-fold increase in digital engagement “from pretty good metrics in just a matter of a couple of months,” Melissa Grady, Cadillac’s CMO, said on a webinar held by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

2020 Profiles in Power: Chief storyteller Megan Lueders
Megan Lueders, CMO at Silicon Labs, is putting more than 20 years of tech experience to use helping one of Austin’s legacy tech companies, Silicon Labs, transform its messaging and adapt to the coronavirus pandemic.

Detecting & Stopping Bot Attacks With Better AI
‘If you are a big online commerce presence, a big part of your success is based on your promotions. They work to expand your brand presence and enrich your audience and generate leads and sales, but for abusers, the goal is to take those things and the easiest way to do that is through bots. You need advanced bot protection’, said Gary Sevounts, Chief Marketing Officer from Kount.