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Lowe’s CMO on how a chaotic year strengthened the brand’s purpose — and her resolve
Having joined the retailer in February, Marisa Thalberg, CMO at Lowe’s has been put through a gauntlet in 2020, but it’s only affirmed her belief in the leadership role CMOs can play.

Six Takeaways From Ad Age and Verizon Media’s Wine Chat on Brand Storytelling
Amid this year’s many challenges, companies are experiencing a significant shift in marketing and storytelling strategies, learning vital tactics that will be carried over to a post-COVID world. That was the message for marketers including, Jon Suarez-Davis, SVP of marketing strategy and innovation at Salesforce. 

18 Trailblazers Share Bold Advice You Need to Hear Right Now
AdWeek spoke to 50+ trailblazing women, including Alicia Tillman, Global CMO, SAP, from across the industry who have reached the CMO level and beyond by being confident, taking risks and making their own rules.

The Swimming Pool #28: Attribution
This month’s nomination for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool comes from the podcast. In an enlightening interview with Grant Johnson, CMO at Emburse, he suggested ‘attribution’ for our portal to marketing hell.

What Small Businesses Are (Or Should Be) Doing To Survive The Pandemic
Several themes have emerged that have enabled small businesses to adapt. Amanda Brinkman is Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe, shares how the focus of small business owners has shifted — or should shift — to keep moving forward during the global pandemic.

The ‘Unaccounted’ MENA Summit Featuring 10 Inspiring Leaders
10 industry leaders of MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) descent, including Tariq Hassan, CMO, Petco, came together virtually to share their experiences of feeling simply unaccounted for, especially when it comes to U.S. standards. Listen in to hear their stories, how they’re leading today and the solutions we can all work towards true inclusivity and anti-racism. 

After a Hard Year, Holiday Commercials Get Real
“Our marketing has tried to be respectful and empathetic to what’s going to be a more challenging holiday season,” Brad Hiranaga, the chief brand officer for General Mills in North America, said in an interview. “Covid has forced us to shift focus to delivering value to consumers. And showing things that are the opposite of the world they’re living in does not do that.”

8 Powerhouse CMOs Discuss the Business of Marketing
Vineet Mehra, Global CMO at Walgreens Boots Alliance, Marisa Thalberg, EVP, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer at Lowe’s Companies, Inc., Antonio Lucio, DI&E Advocate, and former CMO, Raja Rajamannar, CMO, Mastercard, and more share wisdom, knowledge, and advice that only seasoned CMOs can offer based on experience.

‘Less CPG, More CES.’ Inside General Mills’ Evolution for the Modern Era
General Mills Chief brand officer Brad Hiranaga talks about the company’s moves in innovation, digital and social good.

How CMOs are Embracing Agility for 2021
Empathy, listening, and reducing employee stress are among new year strategies. Gabi Zijderveld, CMO of Affectiva, says “as a leader and manager I will think more about what I can take off my team’s plate, rather than add to it.”

The ghost of Christmas presents: Retailers forge a new path with pandemic-era holiday ads
“Throughout the season, we’ll be inspiring consumers to ‘gift back’ to the place that has meant so much this year,” Marisa Thalberg, Lowe’s executive vice president, chief brand and marketing officer, said in an emailed statement to NBC News.

The 3 master tips provided by the best commercial ads of 2020
In the final stretch of 2020, The Drum takes a look at a few key learnings from the advertising industry this year. From big to small players, everyone had to handle the Covid-19 pandemic, global confinement and the ‘new normal’, which created some awe-inspiring commercial moments, including one from Burger King and Fernando Machado, global cmo for Restaurant Brands International.

The CMO as therapist: Marketing chiefs take on more intimate workplace role in pandemic
The marketing chiefs of some of the best-known companies — from Alicia Tillman, global CMO of SAP to Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar — have employed novel approaches to keeping the troops happy and secure in these trying times, everything from inviting the family dog to Zoom calls to sending ice cream care packages.

AT&T, Ericsson use 5G, ML and edge computing to deliver live 3D AR music performance
“This next evolution of communication is another step closer to unpacking how 5G can enhance the way we communicate and enjoy entertainment,” said David Christopher, executive vice president and general manager at AT&T Mobility.

Merrell Marketing Strategy Takes A Hike
At Merrell, the outdoor footwear and apparel firm, marketing to hikers and runners has historically been driven by the allure of the outdoors. With national restlessness percolated by the pandemic sending more of us out to hiking trails and parks, Merrell is riding an unprecedented wave of demand. Forbes recently spoke with Merrell CMO Janice Tennant about the firm’s marketing strategy.

Advertising is complicated, but Melissa Grady is very good at it
The Verge spent some time with Melissa Grady, the chief marketing officer of Cadillac, the person in charge of all of Cadillac’s advertising. Her job is to spend Cadillac’s marketing budget, and the way she spends it is fascinating. Her goal is to sell more Cadillacs, but she uses an enormous array of technology to get it done.

On Topic: What 2020 Taught Me
D CEO recently asked three North Texas executives to share the biggest lessons they’ve learned during this unprecedented time. Participating were Christopher Trowbridge, managing partner of Bell Nunnally; Sheryl Adkins-Green, chief marketing officer at Mary Kay; and Zach Fee, president of regional banking for UMB Bank.

The Minority-Majority Shift. Two Decades That Will Change America. The Seven Learnings Every CMO Needs In Their Plans
2020 was the year when the majority of all Americans under seventeen years old will be from a minority background, a process that will culminate with a so-called “minority-majority” population by the mid-2040s. Top CMOs, including Brad Hiranaga, Chief Brand Officer, General Mills discuss how these demographic changes will bring about a significant transformation to Corporate America.

SAP’s Alicia Tillman On Improvising A Marketing Plan During A Pandemic
In a year that would test any chief marketing officer, Alicia Tillman, CMO at SAP, has faced an unusual set of circumstances. First, is what she calls a “once-in-a-century crisis,” that of the worldwide Coronavirus epidemic.

A Discussion with OnSolve, the Leader in Critical Event Management-Sue Holub
In “The Sales Prospector” podcast, the host has a conversation with Sue Holub, CMO of OnSolve, an emergency response communications platform used by cities, states, countries, and businesses to get urgent messages out to their communities.

The marketing specialist is the one who has the sensibility to inspire creativity: Raja Rajamannar from Mastercard
Raja Rajamannar, CMO of Mastercard, said in a LIONS Live session that in terms of creativity “Many times I see companies put a good general manager or a process manager as marketing leader, and there is nothing more disastrous than that”. He highlighted that the marketing specialist is the one who has the sensibility to inspire creativity.