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Mastercard CMCO Shares the Blueprint for Cross-Functional Team Stability
Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Business, Mastercard, discusses how creating a “risk-map” was necessary when leading cross-functional teams.

Global CMO of SAP Discusses Intersectionality in The Business of Marketing
When we look to more growth and innovation in 2021, Alicia Tillman recognizes the business of marketing and what a time of crisis has called for from brands. As the Global CMO of SAP, Alicia Tillman believes this starts with what’s going on outside the walls of the company and describes the beautiful journey to helping recognize your brand’s value.

10 Tech Executives Share Marketing Trends And Predictions For 2021
What’s on the horizon for marketers this year? To find out, Kimberly Whitler sought insight from the following nine tech executives including Alicia Tillman, Global Chief Marketing Officer at SAP, and Dan Lowden, Chief Marketing Officer, White Ops.

Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Vineet Mehra on Developing Marketing Unicorns
What does it take to be a successful marketer in today’s environment? Vineet Mehra, recent Global Chief Marketing and Chief Customer Officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance dives deep into two key enablers for success: unicorns and BFF CIOs.

Olympic delay, pandemic create challenges for advertisers
Visa, a long-time Olympic partner, was one of many companies that had huge expectations riding on Tokyo 2020. Visa’s Chief Brand and Innovation Marketing Officer Chris Curtin said the company was poised with a plan to further Japan’s efforts to move toward more digital payments.

VisitPittsburgh rolls out marketing campaign targeting tourists in nearby metros once they’re ready to travel
VisitPittsburgh on Wednesday announced its newest marketing campaign, “When You’re Ready.”
“We know that 2020, especially the holiday season, was tough for families who continue to be separated by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Tom Loftus, VisitPittsburgh chief marketing officer, said in a release. “We want people to know that when they’re ready to travel, Pittsburgh will be ready to welcome them. Industry research shows that there is a pent-up demand for travel when it is safe to do so.”

Pearle Vision CMO: Small Moments Create Emotional Connections, Human Experiences
Creating meaningful relationships with customers is important for any business, but it’s especially critical in the eye care industry. In a conversation with Deloitte US CMO Suzanne Kounkel, Pearle Vision CMO Doug Zarkin shares his organization’s strategies for elevating the human experience one interaction at a time.

How Sheryl Adkins-Green’s Love of Fashion Has Carried Through Her Impressive Career
Mary Kay’s CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green cites early inspiration, and how a teen pageant helped her believe in herself.

Souperman? There are more ads coming for Leafs winger and soup lover Ilya Mikheyev
“It’s not often that a professional athlete takes the opportunity post-game to speak about soup,” said Mieka Burns, vp of marketing for Campbell Company of Canada. “It’s a message about a passion for soup we share and endorse.”

Burger King Rolls Out a Refreshingly Familiar New Look
The new logo in particular may look familiar to long-time BK fans. Fernando Machado, global CMO of Restaurant Brands International, who led Burger King marketing for nearly six years prior to this elevated role he took on in January 2020, shared a bit of the background.

Podcast: Understanding Where Your Customer Is in Their Buyer Journey With Reali CMO, Randa McMinn
In this episode, Mind Your Marketing sat down with Reali CMO, Randa McMinn to discuss how real estate as a whole is changing. Alongside that, we get deep into understanding where your customer is at within their buyer journey.

Burger King’s Fernando Machado: CMOs must kill short-term thinking in a crisis
Fernando Machado, global chief marketing officer of Restaurant Brands International, reveals the creative and career lessons gleaned from a critical 12 months and what’s next for the Home of the Whopper.

Super Bowl Alter: Newbies Find Big Game Opportunities in the Pandemic
Several marketers that joined the Super Bowl fray in 2020 won’t be back this year. This year, the candy maker will instead “focus on driving brand awareness and sales for our suite of brands through other means and key events, including the Summer Games,” according to Hershey Chief Marketing Officer Jill Baskin.

Walgreens and Mattel Share How Their Brands Have Evolved at CES 2021
Adweek Chief Community Officer Nadine Dietz sat down with Vineet Mehra, recent Global Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Customer Officer-Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Lisa McKnight, SVP & Global Head of Barbie & Dolls Portfolio-Mattel, Inc. who not only pivoted their communication strategies during the pandemic but also shifted the focus of their product offerings to meet the new needs of their consumers.

Wharton Customer Analytics: Markets in Motion
Jill Baskin, CMO of The Hershey Company, joined Wharton Marketing Professors Raghu Iyengar and David Reibstein for “Markets in Motion,” a series that examines how marketing leaders and others are pivoting their business strategies and innovating in a time of disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to craft an authentic brand voice — 7 healthcare marketers share their strategies
As the people who must deliver honest and compassionate messaging to patients who may be facing uncertain or stressful journeys with their health, the marketing teams at hospitals and healthcare facilities have a tough task ahead of them. Seven healthcare marketers, including Manny Rodriguez, chief marketing, experience and customer officer, UCHealth, share their advice on how to create and maintain an authentic brand voice.

Mastercard CMO’s Prescription to Fix the US Health Care System
In a candid keynote address to the W2O Digital Health Summit last week, Mastercard Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar attacked the “horrors” of the U.S. health care system, which he labeled “unparalleled in the world.” From a patient’s point of view, Rajamannar declared, the American system is “mind-befuddling,” asking rhetorically: “Why do you even call it a system?”

Mars’ CMO doesn’t want marketing to return to ‘normal’
With the pandemic causing a prolonged period of global disruption, Mars had a momentous 2020 navigating the ‘new normal’. At its helm, Mars’ lead chief marketing officer Jane Wakely has helped steer the brand through these choppy waters, driving the transformation agenda of its marketing function so that Mars can arrive on the other side as a better organization.

The Marketing Society Podcast: ‘It’s all about the customer’ David Wheldon
For David Wheldon, recent CMO at The Royal Bank of Scotland, marketing is simple: it’s all about the customer – and his aim was to bring the voice of the customer into the RBS boardroom. Yes, the marketing world has transformed, he acknowledges – but “a lot of twaddle is written about change. Marketing comes down to three simple questions. Who are you trying to target? What are you trying to say? Why is it better than your competitors?”

150+ Marketers Share Their Marketing Predictions for 2021
“During 2020, we all had to shift and pivot to enhance and improve customer experience, particularly with fewer net-new opportunities. My prediction is that the relationship with Customer Experience continues to evolve and metrics such as NPS and retention increase in importance not only in Marketing but across the organization,” said Michelle Burrows, CMO for Procare Software.