The CMO Club is excited to recognize our members and brag about all of their accomplishments. Sort of like proud parents. So to show our enthusiasm, check out the recap below of CMOs featured in The CMO Digital Solutions Clubhouse, CMOs with new positions and CMOs featured in other places all across the web during the month of July.

Authored and Featured in The CMO Club Digital Solutions Clubhouse

Featured Across the Web

New Jobs

  • Dave Scott, CMO, Livefyre
  • Colette LaForce, CMO,

New CMO Club Members

  • Diana Cartwright, Sr. Director, WW Consumer Marketing at Hitachi GST, HGST Inc
  • Andy Cunningham, CMO, Avaya Inc
  • Brian Hovis, SVP, Digital Marketing for North America Bank and Mortgage, Citigroup Inc
  • Henry Hwong, Principal, Series C
  • Janice Jarosz, Managing Director, Marketing, Service Corporation International
  • Nicky Mehta, Principal/CMO, Diamond Days Promotions
  • Jerome Nadel, CMO, Rambus
  • Sheila Reed, SVP and CMO, Aspire Financial Services LLC