Monthly Member Shoutouts — July 2020 Edition

The CMO Club is excited to share the latest marketing and leadership news featuring our inspiring members. Check out the recap below of CMO Club members featured on our site and all across the web – give a big hand to members who earned accolades or new positions recently.

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CMO ClubHouse Conversations with Renee Baker
The CMO Club chatted with Renee Baker,  Head of PCG Advisor Inclusion Networks at Raymond James, on growing up in southern New Jersey, the state of race relations in corporate America, Black Lives Matter, and doing stand-up comedy in front of your family.

Post-COVID-19 Planning: What Marketing Leaders Need to Consider Now
Vineet Mehra, Global CMO at Walgreens Boots Alliance led a recent CMO Club Virtual Roundtable around planning for a post-COVID-19 world.  Mehra touched on how the CMO role has changed, how to prepare your business for the future, and new priorities for marketing leaders.

Celebrating member’s successes:

Congrats to these members on their new roles!

  • Travis Arthur, Chief Growth Officer, Social Solutions
  • Meg Lee, Head of Marketing – Company Owned Entities, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • Kirti Naik, Head Of Marketing, BNY Mellon Wealth Management
  • Trice Alford, Head of Marketing, Sellozo
  • Michelle Snyder, VP Retail Marketing at Comcast

Members across the web:

How brands can visually impact culture positively
Campaign has pulled together some of the finest examples of campaigns that create a lasting impact for the greater good across six categories to see how and when the greatest impacts occur. Burger King CMO Fernando Machado takes art to the more uncomfortable end of the spectrum in order to make an impact in their moldy Whopper ad. 

Walgreens Adds To Digital 3.0 Momentum
The digital shift at retail continued its momentum this week as Walgreens and Lululemon both made significant moves to embrace the online consumer experience. “This digital magic coupled with the valued knowledge and quality of care provided by our pharmacists and team members is what allows us to best serve our customers,” said Vineet Mehra, global cmo, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Job Platform Indeed Finds Gold In Long-Form Content On TV
MediaPost heard from a brand that found that moving from long-form content to short-form content was key in gaining attention. A day later, Indeed’s Paul J. D’Arcy, SVP of marketing, argued the opposite. “What we see is that linear TV is the biggest driver for us,” said D’Arcy.

‘It’s been a wake-up call’ – Walgreens CMO on flexing its digital muscle post-Covid-19
“We saw a huge increase in our e-commerce business,” explains Patrick McLean, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer at Walgreens, during an interview recorded as part of The Drum’s virtual Can-Do Festival.

Demand for Packaged Food Continues as Pandemic Concerns Loom
During last week’s virtual NewFronts, Brad Hiranaga, General Mills’ chief brand officer of North America, expressed that the pandemic has brought not just an opportunity, but also a responsibility for those in his industry. “As a company, we’ve [had] a purpose for a long time. It’s been about serving the world to make food that people love,” said Hiranaga

Bob Pittman speaks with Brad Hiranaga, Chief Brand Officer of North America for General Mills
Digital and Radio Facts: New episode of “Math & Magic: Stories from the Frontiers of Marketing,” hosted by Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia. In this season finale episode, Pittman speaks with Brad Hiranaga, General Mills’ chief brand officer, for an enlightening interview.

Walgreens Reimagines Customer Engagement
Walgreens is partnering with two of the biggest names in the tech and CX world to reimagine how it engages with shoppers. “Capabilities to combine previously disparate customer data sets, including information from more than 100 million members of our loyalty programs, into a more singular, unified view of the customer – powered by these modern technology platforms – will enable us to truly personalize our omnichannel healthcare and retail offering,” said Vineet Mehra, global chief marketing officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Generation Influence: Gen Z Study Reveals a New Digital Paradigm
“Gen Z are digital pioneers in that they charted the path for the rest of the world to go fully digital, and marketers ignore that path at their own peril,” said Mary Ellen Dugan, Chief Marketing Officer for WP Engine. “The pandemic caused a profound change in the way we do everything, from shopping to eating to engaging with friends and family. Gen Z was already comfortable in that new paradigm, so if you meet the digital needs of Gen Z, you’re ahead of the rest of the world.”

The “Unifier CMO” Is Redefining The Rules Of Cross-Team Collaboration — And It’s Working
A McKinsey study found companies with a “Unifier CMO — someone who fosters robust, collaborative partnerships across the C-suite” have the highest growth. According to Smartsheet CMO Anna Griffin, “The role that the marketing organization has to play is about more than going outward to the market. It’s about deeply connecting with product and sales. You have to be so tightly woven with the product and sales experience, and that has to be completely seamless to enable that customer love and create that synergy customers have for your product.”

Kleenex and Huggies parent Kimberly-Clark aims to halve its environmental footprint within the next decade
U.N. climate report says private business is still moving too slowly with sustainability efforts.  The Kimberly-Clark sustainability report detailed company efforts to get more of the toilet paper, feminine hygiene products and diapers that it produces into vulnerable and underserved communities. “To reach a billion people is certainly an ambitious goal that requires a significant step change from our previous efforts, and we are ready to take it on,” said Alison Lewis, chief growth officer for Kimberly-Clark.

Mastercard’s Digital Priceless Experiences Leverages Golf Champions for Virtual Events
Chief Marketer recently spoke to Mastercard Global CMO Raja Rajamannar about how the brand has converted its “Priceless Experiences” platform to virtual. But to reach a wider audience of cardholders, but also the general public, Mastercard also offered up an array of free digital events on its social and digital platforms.

Smart ideas in health system marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic from 6 execs
Valerie Simon, chief marketing and communications officer at Atlantic Health System: People don’t engage with systems, they engage with people. It is our team members that define our system and the patient experiences that build our brand and earn us trust every day.

There’s No Playbook for an Unchartered World
Whether it was the financial crisis of ’08 or the tragic events of 9/11, one thing remains true – there is no playbook on how to deal with large-scale global events. Alicia Tillman, Global CMO, SAP and John King discuss the spectrum of COVID-19 as not only a global economic issue, but the implications it has for public safety and mental well-being.

Burger King’s latest sustainability effort: reduce cow farts
The new diet plan will curtail methane emissions from cows by 33% per day, according to Burger King. “If the whole industry, from farmers, meat suppliers, and other brands join us, we can increase scale and collectively help reduce methane emissions that affect climate change,” said Fernando Machado, global chief marketing officer for Burger King.

Tariq Hassan (Petco) | Creating a Brand With a Capital ‘B’
Tariq Hassan, is the CMO of Petco— which is one of the largest national retailers in North America. In this conversation, Tariq talks about the importance of mentors, especially those who give you the room to fail and guide you through those experiences, and what Petco does to stand out from other retailers in the space.

Brad Hiranaga: “I’ve been in love with brands since I was 5 years old.”
It’s not just about marketing for Brad Hiranaga. As the Chief Brand Officer, North America for General Mills, Brad has been helping the company realize its potential as a force for good: from encouraging families to connect around the dinner table, to fighting the hunger gap with the No Kid Hungry initiative.

Generating A New Creative Normal In TV Ads
Here’s one possible lasting by-product of the coronavirus pandemic: national television advertising that’s more relevant, authentic, and impactful with viewers. For the last decade, American Express has partnered up with a division of Dentsu on various advertising and marketing matters. “In the end, that makes great creative,” said Elizabeth Rutledge, American Express’ chief marketing officer. “You appreciate it all.”

“It can’t be about us, it has to be about you” – marketers on how coronavirus has changed brand messaging
TSB’s CMO, Peter Markey, called for more “humanity” in marketing: “The implications of COVID-19 has shown how important it is to make sure your communications are not tone deaf and really reflect the mood of the nation.

Marketer’s Journey: Achieving 4x Growth Using Content Marketing w/ Josh Leatherman
In this episode of The Marketer’s Journey podcast, Joshua Leatherman, CMO at Service Express, talks about his content marketing wins – hire the will, teach the skill,  how to bring the buyer in to your content marketing approach, going all in on content, and not waiting for a big vacation but making the weekends meaningful.

Car Companies Want to Monitor Your Every Move With Emotion-Detecting AI
In-car camera systems are being marketed as a safety feature, but their creators’ ambitions go beyond alerting drowsy drivers. Automakers and advertisers have come to a “vast realization” that as cars become more autonomous and embedded with screens, “many passengers in your vehicle are kind of a captive audience in an entertainment context,” Gabi Zijderveld, Affectiva’s chief marketing officer, told Motherboard.

Almost half of consumers have changed their brand preferences
The Ketchum report shows how consumer preferences are changing in support of brands with these certain characteristics, something that has been warned by people in the industry such as the Burger King CMO, Fernando Machado.

How well-prepared are marketers for the impact of the third-party cookie crackdown?
With Google Chrome planning to block third-party tracking cookies by 2022, the demise of the third-party cookie is looming on the horizon. But new research suggests that few marketers still understand the implications of the crackdown – or have a plan in place for how to do without cookies. Glenn Thomas, former CMO of GE Healthcare, added that marketers should be moving away from the “‘Google Analytics’ mindset” and building custom dashboards linked to business outcomes instead.

IBM and Influential Launch AI-enabled Social Targeting Solution To Help Brands Identify
IBM announced the launch of Watson Advertising Social Targeting with Influential, a new solution that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to help brands identify influencers that best align with their brand values. “Influential’s IBM Watson-powered campaigns have helped us identify the right influencers and deliver at scale to help us better connect with our target audiences, added Michael Lacorazza, EVP, CMO, Head of Integrated Marketing, Wells Fargo.

Marketing to Life Scientists: When it’s Different and When it’s Not
Sometimes marketers in the life sciences may say, “Our customers are different. We need to market to them differently.” said Kelly Grover, Director of Marketing Communications at Taconic Biosciences in a conversation she has often with her team at Taconic Biosciences. Kelly lays out very clearly how they think about marketing to multiple stakeholders, setting priorities, and how they use data to decide what matters most and then also what works.