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CMO Solution Guide: A Social Media Playbook – Five Keys to Success
In thought leadership with Claro Enterprise Solutions, The CMO Club developed a new study that identifies five pillars of effective social media. The study held in-depth individual interviews with Noha Abdalla, VP, Global Social Media, Hilton, Camila Casale (Claro Enterprise Solutions) Jenny Cueva (Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC), Ed Dandridge,  (AIG General Insurance) Dan Hennessy (MolsonCoors Intl)., and Dave Scott (Twitter).

Thinking Positively: How Covid-19 has Transformed Businesses for Good
Muriel Lotto (Western Union), Doug Zarkin (Pearle Vision),  Luis Casado (HP),  Lisa Kaplan (M. Holland Company),  JD Dillon (Enphase Energy), Tony Kempa (Environmental Systems Design, Inc.), and Jennifer Renaud (Masonite) reflect on the positive business transformations that might result from the pandemic.

CMO ClubHouse Conversations with Raja Rajamannar
Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing, and Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Business at Mastercard, talks with The CMO Club about a mother’s heartfelt wisdom, marketing through a pandemic, and finding a way past racism.

How to Shape Greater Brand Resilience by Building on Your SCARS
Strategy, Creativity, Authenticity, Relevancy, and Simplicity (SCARS) – is a journey of critical brand self-reflection, with the ultimate goal of redesigning challenges into meaningful change. Suneeta Motala, CMO at AfrAsia Bank Ltd, shares how to use this method to build brand resilience and adopt a different normal.

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Janice Tennant, Chief Marketing Officer at Merrell

Dan Hennessy, SVP & GM Serta at Simmons Bedding, LLC

Wendy Lewis, Head of Marketing and Communications at Empire Distributors, Inc.

Angela Culver, GVP, Customer Measurement & Marketing, Oracle

Colette LaForce, CMO, NSF International

Jennifer Dominiquini, CMO, Envoy Mortgage

Members across the web:

Americans Have Been Slow to Embrace Contactless Payments. Coronavirus Will Change That
When it comes to payment technologies, the United States has often lagged behind much of the world, particularly as the technology pertains to credit cards. Nearly 60% of all face-to-face Visa transactions made in countries other than the U.S. are contactless, and the overall number of these payments grew 40% from 2019 to 2020. As Chris Curtin, Visa’s chief brand and innovation marketing officer put it, contactless is accepted “in more places than not” in the U.S.

Advice For Mid-Level Marketers Aspiring To Make It To The Top
Kathy Collins, CMO of Massage Envy, along with other marketing executives, share specific advice for up-and-comers to make it to the next level.

Gordon Ho, who put the ‘Come Back New’ into Princess Cruises, is leaving
Marketing dynamo Gordon Ho, who led the ‘Come Back New’ campaign and brought a bevy of branded experience partnerships to Princess Cruises, is among those leaving the company.

Businesses must understand the link between empathy and personalisation
Empathy and personalisation are two key modes in which businesses can gain trust with and form better relationships with customers, according to a new Genesys survey. Genesys chief marketing officer Merijn te Booij says, “Businesses that recognise the inextricable link between empathy and truly personalised experiences hold the key to establishing customer trust and long-term loyalty especially as we navigate the longer-term impacts of COVID-19.”

‘Priceless’ pivot: How Mastercard took exclusive experiences online
Global CMO Raja Rajamannar told the Campaign Connect audience how Mastercard’s pre-COVID risk planning, and its well-formed brand purpose, guided its actions through the crisis.

Raymond James Debuts Pride Advisors Network
“The Pride Financial Advisors Network has shown incredible dedication, enthusiasm and heart in their support of LGBTQ+ advisors, their teams and clients,” said Renée Baker, head of Raymond James’ Private Client Group Advisor Inclusion Networks.

“Owned” As The New Differentiator
With aggregator platforms like Amazon having enjoyed so much success in recent years, companies must now think about owning their own platforms, argues WP Engine CMO Mary Ellen Dugan in this opinion piece.

Advertising, mired in racism, has a long road to recovery
One of the main reasons why so many companies have found it tricky to comment on the protests is the well-documented lack of diversity at senior and decision-making levels. Burger King’s CMO Fernando Machado alluded to this issue in a tweet earlier this week when he blamed a lack of diversity across the ad industry for its disconnect with what’s happening at the moment.

How to Future-Proof Brands and Create Culture Change in Challenging Times
SB Leadership Summit saw a host of intimate discussions on the power of teamwork to drive change toward a better future. Rick Gomez, EVP & CMO, Target Corporation shares a story when one of his ideas had pushback — Amanda Nusz said “Is that what the community really needs right now?” Gomez reconsidered: “I think we’re quick to want to take action, and that’s well-intentioned — but we need to make sure that we’re listening to the community and that we’re co-creating with them, and providing the solutions that are going to drive long-term progress.”

Turning Your Pandemic Pivot into a Long-Term Value-Add
“We are seeing that small businesses specifically are using this time to really get focused and figure out, you know, what can we do to continue to make money to survive this pandemic?” says Amanda Brinkman, producer of Hulu series “Small Business Revolution” and chief brand officer at Deluxe.

SAP’s CMO on What 5G Means to Marketers
Q&A with Alicia Tillman on Data Opportunities and Privacy Concerns. For marketers in particular, what’s enticing is 5G’s capability to collect massive amounts of data, which will ultimately help enhance targeting and personalization, according to Alicia Tillman, CMO of SAP.

Only 3 Food Companies Named in DiversityInc’s Top 50
Three food companies made it on DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity list this year — The Hershey Company, The Kellogg Company, and McCormick & Company. DiversityInc praised The Hershey Company for its team of “world-class minority, women, veteran, LGBTQ+ people, disadvantaged and disabled-owned suppliers” and recognized Hershey’s chief marketing officer Jill Baskin as a recent inductee into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors.

‘We Made a Huge Bet on Streaming’: Hershey’s CMO Baskin
“It’s turned out to be a very good bet. We believe that streaming is going to become a bigger and bigger part of our media spend,” said Jill Baskin, Hershey’s chief marketing officer. The company has a surplus of media dollars that have gone unspent during the first half of the year, when many advertisers canceled or postponed campaigns. Media prices fell amid the drop in demand, giving Hershey a chance to hit its viewer impression target at a lower price.

Affirmation that earned media is rising
During the Earned Media Rising Exchange events presented by Cision, comms pros gathered to discuss the power of data and analytics to better understand the value of earned content.

New Study On The Upside Of Being Shut Down: CMOs Identify Business Benefits
Are there any benefits to working remotely, caused by the pandemic? Siegel+Gale, the global brand experience firm, talked with 26 marketing leaders on conducting business in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, including Muriel Lotto, Global Head of Brand & Marketing Communications Strategy, Western Union, Michelle Adorjan Chila, SVP Marketing and Public Relations, Tacori, Tariq Hassan, CMO, Petco.

‘How do you go ahead and plan?’ Splitting TV’s upfront deal-making amid Coronavirus concerns is far from clean-cut
On June 10, the Association of National Advertisers called for the upfront to switch to a calendar-year model, under which deals would take effect on Jan. 1 and run through Dec. 31. The move is meant to give advertisers until the fourth quarter to assess how much money they are willing to commit to spend on TV and streaming advertising over the following year. “By the time you are entering the fourth quarter of the year, you would have a fairly decent idea of what you are going to be spending next year and how you are planning your activities next year,” said Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar, who is among the advocates for moving to a calendar-year model that would also align better with many upfront advertisers’ own corporate fiscal calendars.

Renegade Thinkers Unite Podcast: Big, Dirty, Greasy Marketing With Purple Wave
Ask most senior marketing executives to describe their company, and you’ll often hear words like “workflow,” “optimization,” or “disruption” get thrown around. When you ask Dave Brotton, VP of Marketing, about Purple Wave, you’ll get something a little different—they like to say they “sell big, dirty, greasy equipment.”

Northwell launches The Patient Partnership movement
New York’s largest healthcare provider, Northwell Health, has unveiled a new marketing platform to encourage people to become partners in their own health and move beyond their role as a patient. “The goal of this movement is to insightfully provoke a discussion”, says Ramon Soto, svp, chief marketing and communications officer at Northwell. “Our goal is to overcome a state of complacency. This requires us to turn a deep human (v product) insight into a sharp instigation that stirs our audience.”

9 Steps To Hosting A Great Virtual Conference
With the cancellation of physical events, companies have been scrambling to host their annual conferences virtually. Several marketing leaders who have already made the leap to fully digital events share nine tips to help you plan your virtual conference. Mary Ellen Dugan, CMO of WP Engine, hosted the company’s annual forum last week. Here are nine tips based on their experiences to help you plan your virtual conference.

Mars’ Jane Wakely Says True Inclusivity Means Removing Advertising’s Unconscious Biases
At a time when civil rights protests across the country have prompted companies to take an inward look at their own diversity picture, Mars’ lead CMO Jane Wakely believes that all brands can and should do more to address these issues.

IBM, Shell Team Up To Power Digital Platform For Mining Industry
“Mining customers can benefit from many of the digital solutions used in the energy industry, for example, those that help manage operations safely and efficiently in remote locations,” said Carol Chen VP, Global Marketing Lubricants Shell.

Executives Provide Advice On How To Find The ‘Right Fit’ Job
Marketing leaders, including Kathy Collins, CMO of Massage Envy answer: What is One Tip on how to find the “right fit” job?

Three big trends for brands from the shift to e-commerce
Marketers seeking to thrive in the e-commerce arena should get back to basics, consider online retail platforms as media destinations, and ensure they do not place too much emphasis on performance marketing. Jill Baskin, CMO at Hershey’s, reported The Hershey Co. is adapting to such processes by breaking down former silos that separated off its e-commerce marketing efforts.

How Top CMOs Navigated Pandemic Messaging
The coronavirus pandemic and social unrest have put a new onus on conversations between cmos and publishers to lure advertising dollars to their media properties, as well as to shape those brands’ messaging in a way that feels relevant and authentic to the times. Melissa Grady, CMO at Cadillac, along with other marketing leaders, spoke with Forbes at NewFronts about their experiences.

CPG Has Shifted From Want to Need, Says General Mills’ Brad Hiranaga
For Brad Hiranaga, General Mills’ chief brand officer of North America, the moment has brought both opportunity and responsibility. “As a company, we’ve [had] a purpose for a long time. It’s been about serving the world to make food that people love,” said Hiranaga during a virtual NewFronts. “Through the crisis, we had a rallying call that changed it slightly, that said we actually are serving the world by making food that people need.”

Brands are moving fast to e-commerce but creativity and branding will remain key, says David Tiltman of WARC at Lions Live
Jill Baskin, CMO of The Hershey’s Company, said they saw a shift in consumer behaviour immediately after the Covid-19 spread. Large format products, as in packs of 12, were more in demand than single packs and it was majorly coming from e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Walmart), said Baskin.

Battling Bot Fraud With White Ops CMO Dan Lowden
During this episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan Hart interviews Dan Lowden, the Chief Marketing Officer at White Ops.

Agile Brands Best-Positioned To Thrive Post-Pandemic, Say Speakers At Forrester’s CX Event
“It’s been a wild ride these last three months,” said Francis Perrin, CMO of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, who talked about his company’s quick transition when COVID-19 closed Washington state businesses. Before the lockdown, he said, most shoppers were not aware they could buy wine online, and now nearly three-quarters are shopping digitally.

Collaborating Creatively in the Zoom Economy
It’s important for CMOs and other leaders to help their teams Zoom smarter, not harder. In this week’s episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite, Smartsheet CMO Anna Griffin shares tips and tricks for facilitating effective brainstorming sessions, like starting meetings with a frame break and assigning ownership.

Visa’s Chief Brand and Innovation Marketing Officer Is Leaving
A representative for Visa confirmed to Adweek that Chris Curtin, who has been with Visa for seven years, will be departing his post in September.

Blue Shield of California supports Facebook and Instagram advertising ban in July
Health plan takes a stand with “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. “Blue Shield of California stands against injustice and stands for equity. We are committed to using our voice, influence and power to inspire change. And this is one way we can do that,” said Blue Shield of California’s Jeff Robertson, svp and cmo, in a statement to employees.

The Hershey Company joins group pulling advertising from Facebook to protest its content
Jill Baskin, The Hershey Co.‘s cmo, told Business Insider: “As a company, we stand for the values of togetherness and inclusion and we are resolute in our commitment to make a difference and be part of positive change. We are hopeful that Facebook will take action and make it a safe space for our consumers to communicate and gather.”

The messages hospital marketing execs are using to bring patients back
Valerie Simon, chief marketing and communications officer at Atlantic Health System said, “Effective messaging requires a foundation of trust. Building that foundation requires time, consistency and a message that recognizes patients’ priorities.”

With “Fearless Leader” Campaign, Northwell Allays Fears Through Heroism
As the U.S. emerges from what is likely the first wave of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many health care organizations are launching campaigns to encourage patients to seek the medical care they have delayed. Ramon Soto, Northwell’s svp and chief marketing and communications officer talks about their four phase communication strategy.

Lions Live 2020: Four CMOs discuss four future actions that will deliver growth
Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard, spoke about the importance of data and tech as he believed they will be the real drivers for growth in marketing in the near future.  He spoke about three mandates that the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) will be focussed on.

Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady On Marketing Lessons Learned In Quarantine
The company has seen “pent up demand” for transportation, said Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady. The coronavirus crisis has also opened up new opportunities to engage with car owners, she said, such as people using onboard WiFi for work when they don’t have access to an office.

Scoop: Microsoft has been pausing spending on Facebook, Instagram
“Based on concerns we had back in May we suspended all media spending on Facebook/Instagram in the US and we’ve subsequently suspended all spending on Facebook/Instagram worldwide,” Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela said in an internal Yammer post, responding to an employee’s question.