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Relationships Matter: Forging New Alliances within the C-Suite with Luis Casado
During the 2021 EMEA Summit, Luis Casado, Head of Marketing Central Europe at HP, led a discussion about relationship building to help CMOs become more effective – and their businesses more profitable as a whole.

The Quest for Consumer Trust – A CMO Solution Guide
For years, marketers have subsisted on a steady diet of 3rd party data to target and acquire customers, personalize messages and, ultimately, drive growth. But those days are numbered. Third party data is in crisis for very good reason. This CMO Solution Guide, in thought leadership with SheerID, dives into escalating digital privacy concerns with insight from over 40 CMOs across varying industries and in-depth interviews with Tariq Hassan, CMO at Petco, Jeanine Hurry, Business CIO, Safety at DuPont, Tom Murray, EVP & CMO at Tempur Sealy International, and Marti Walsh, VP, Marketing at NAPA AUTO PARTS.

Business-wide Relationships to Drive Success with Leeya Hendricks
Leeya Hendricks, CMO at Delta Capita led a discussion on building and leveraging business-wide relationships to accelerate growth during the EMEA Summit.

Deepening Customer Connections in Times of Crisis with Jan-Hendrik Völker-Albert of PwC
In this EMEA Summit session, Jan-Hendrik Völker-Albert, Head of Marketing & Communications for PwC Switzerland shared how his organization re-aligned to increase customer satisfaction.

Sizing Up the MarTech Stack with Rohit Prabhakar
The explosive growth in MarTech is rivaled only by the level of complexity it has introduced. Rohit Prabhakar, Chief Growth Officer at EQ Holdings, led a virtual roundtable on how marketing leaders can manage their stacks and navigate the overwhelmingly crowded, complicated vendor space.

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How Merrell is the Outdoors More Diverse
After joining Merrell as chief marketing officer last year, Janice Tennant came across a disturbing statistic—71% of participants in outdoor activities were white, according to a recent study conducted by the Outdoor Industry Association. In the year since, she’s made it her mission to change that number and make the outdoors more inclusive and diverse.

Sonic Branding: Why Every Brand Needs It Today
Do you have a sonic brand? Today, most brands don’t. Or, if they do, it’s limited to one medium, like a jingle used in radio ads or television commercials. While nobody would question the need for a brand logo or color scheme, audio branding is often neglected. According to Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard CMO and author of Quantum Marketing, 25% of U.S. households already use smart speakers. And, these devices are increasingly used for shopping.

Mixing Board Studio Session: Former Dunkin’ CMO Tony Weisman on How Growth, Creativity & Purpose Can Operate in Harmony 
Tony Weisman, former CMO of Dunkin’ Brands talks about the changing role of the CMO, employee’s increasing impact on brands, and how to carve out the time to stay strategic.

Mastercard: Businesses that undermine marketing are setting themselves up to fail
With a “tsunami” of new technologies incoming, marketing is about to become more important than ever, argues Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar. So how do marketers regain their place at the table?

Stronger Together: Getting Back To Leadership Basics During And After The Pandemic
Denise Vu Broady, CMO for Appian, talks about starting her new job in the middle of the pandemic, ‘one of the first things I did was kick off a virtual listening tour with everyone in my department. Everyone: I spoke to all 100-plus marketers, from directors to interns.”

Great Minds Podcast: Tariq Hassan, CMO, Petco
As Chief Marketing Officer, Tariq Hassan is responsible for leading Petco’s enterprise marketing strategy. His mission is to provide pet parents with a seamless pet care experience, so they can focus on the joy their pets bring to their lives. On this episode of Great Minds, Tariq explores his 20+ years of experience in global brand strategy, including his time at Element79, HP, Gatorade, Quaker Oats, and much more. Enjoy!

From SurveyMonkey To Momentive: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Relaunch Of A 20-Year-Old Tech Company
“It isn’t every day that you get to launch a new brand — let alone relaunch a 20-year-old tech company. But this week, we’re doing both. SurveyMonkey has become Momentive, a leader in agile experience management… Reaching this point has been a massive undertaking that we’ve contemplated throughout our acceleration in the enterprise. We knew we wanted to make a bold change — and we also knew that a debut on the world stage would require careful consideration.” – Leela Srinivasan, CMO, Momentive

Alicia Tillman (SAP) | The Value of Working with Allies
Alicia Tillman, Global CMO of SAP got her strong work ethic from her parents, but especially from her mom, a widow and working mom who raised 3 kids. Speaking with Jim from Cannes Lions, Alicia discusses lessons learned about hard work, never abandoning your team and how SAP is helping solve real-world problem. Plus, her goal to make SAP one of the top 10 brands in the world.

How do retailers know what will sell out? They check TikTok.
With the pace of TikTok’s growth and influence on store shelves, retailers and their marketing teams are taking notice. “Engagement with social media platforms like TikTok are bringing new life to the color cosmetic category, engaging younger audiences, driving trends and reinvigorating trial and usage,” David Kimbell, CEO of Ulta Beauty, told investors in May.

Why Data Doesn’t Make Decisions
Pearle Vision VP and CMO Doug Zarkin shares his play on how the brand was able to reinvent itself by building trust through small moments of care and connection.