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Journeys – Lisa Armstrong, Resideo
We caught up with Lisa Armstrong, Head of Marketing at Resideo, to learn about her unique leadership journey. Lisa shared three themes that have been present throughout her career (intellectual curiosity, global perspective, and bias for action), lessons learned from her parents, the importance of purpose-led branding strategy, and much more.

Journeys – Rohit Prabhakar, EQ Holdings
Rohit Prabhakar’s journey to his current role as Chief Growth Officer at EQ Holdings has taken a rich and varied path including top marketing roles at some of the world’s largest health and media companies. He’s a digital transformation thought leader and his blog and social media presence have massive global followings.

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11 marketers reveal their predictions for how the advertising landscape will change in 2021
The economy may be slowly moving towards a recovery, but the pandemic has had some lasting impacts on advertising trends. Insider asked the top 11 chief marketing officers including Patrick McLean, SVP & CMO for Walgreens, and Brad Hiranaga, Chief Brand Officer for General Mills, for their predictions for this year.

Brand Innovators CMO of the Week: Mary Kay’s Sheryl Adkins-Green
Sheryl Adkins-Green, CMO for Mary Kay Inc. shares how Mary Kay shifted and entire salesforce from in-person to digital over the last year, talks about their dedication to equality, and new initiatives for 2021.

We talked to 67 Black women CEOs and executives about their time in corporate America. Here are our biggest takeaways.
“It didn’t take me long to figure out that playing ‘small’ would not serve me or my employer well,” Sheryl Adkins-Green, chief marketing officer at Mary Kay, said. “Once I empowered myself to fully be myself in every role, I achieved greater results and recognition.”

How Mastercard’s Chief People Officer Builds Bridges Between Marketing and HR
On a recent episode of The Business of Marketing podcast, Mastercard Chief People Officer Michael Fraccaro shared his advice to CMOs on how to communicate and work within the C-Suite while balancing ownership and influence. Tune in to hear more from Michael alongside Raja Rajamannar, President, Healthcare Business and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

Podcast: Successful Campaigns are Co-Created by Marketing & Sales -Margaret Irons- The Revenue Hustle
Margaret Irons, VP of Marketing & Communications at 3Pillar Global shares her experience and how long-time frenemies Marketing & Sales must co-create campaigns in order to ensure successful outcomes. Margaret also discusses why Marketing should be on sales calls and how her team stays creative while working 100% remote.

International Women’s Day 2021: On disruption, democratisation, and doing more
Anna Griffin, CMO of Smartsheet, said that curiosity was key to getting ahead in marketing. In one of her early jobs, she insistently asked her superiors questions, from how the company made money to how the departments were interwoven. “Ultimately, a lot of success in marketing is being able to connect the dots through an entire experience,” she said.

Lowe’s marketing chief on the permanence of DIY habits, purpose, and the American Dream
With the US on the verge of ‘reopening,’ Wall Street has had its eye on Lowe’s. The question at hand: will strong home improvement sales continue when we are all freed from our homes? Lowe’s marketing chief Marisa Thalberg discusses how, during the brand’s 100th year of existence, it is working to nurture sales, dreams of the perfect home, and neighborhoods in need.

Mars CMO credits long-term commitment for its creative success
Jane Wakely “absolutely thrilled” to earn Spikes Asia Advertiser of the Year award, with Asia-Pacific serving as a “huge source of creativity and innovation” for Mars. Crediting her Asia-Pacific partners, Jane Wakely, Lead CMO and Pet Nutrition CMO at Mars, is effusive about how “absolutely thrilled and very honoured” the brand is to win, explaining what a “huge source of creativity and innovation” this region is and has been for Mars globally.

How Lowe’s Grew Loyalty By Amplifying Brand-Driven Marketing
As the pandemic started to hit the United States and the country went into lock-down, Marisa Thalberg, Lowe’s newly appointed EVP, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, leaned into Lowe’s heritage of being there for communities. Nurturing this core value, Thalberg guided the company into a new marketing strategy that emphasized brand-driven stories in addition to traditional marketing tactics.

Podcast: B2B Virtual Events Done Bette‪r‬
CMO Mandy Dhaliwal (Dell Boomi), CMO Paige O’Neill (Sitecore), and CEO David Fischette (Go West Creative Group) shared everything about their virtual event experiences in 2020, both the good and the bad.

The Marketing Society podcast: ‘It’s all about the customer’ David Wheldon, CMO at The Royal Bank of Scotland
For David Wheldon, former CMO at The Royal Bank of Scotland, marketing is simple: it’s all about the customer – and his aim was to bring the voice of the customer into the RBS boardroom. Yes, the marketing world has transformed, he acknowledges – but “a lot of twaddle is written about change.

The Good, Bad, and Downright Ugly Parts of a Head of Marketing Job
It is still one of the shortest average terms of office of any chief in the C-suite, according to a recent report by Korn Ferry. But one piece of good news in the past year is that although conditions for CMOs have become more difficult since the coronavirus pandemic, “In many cases, CMOs are not being removed, but it’s been pretty dramatic layoffs beneath them” said Greg Welch, practice leader for marketing, sales, and communication at Spencer Stuart.

A Marketer’s Role in Leading the Growth Ambition with CBO of General Mills
Brad Hiranaga, Chief Brand Officer for General Mills shares a strategic growth framework for future-proofing your brand.

How Idahoan Foods pivoted its marketing strategy to drive consumer loyalty with new households over the past year
In this interview, Idahoan Foods’ Vice President of Retail Marketing and Business Development Ryan Ellis discusses the company’s newest marketing initiative and how Idahoan stays connected with consumers.