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CMO Club Members Share Advice and Lesson Learned from 2020
CMO Club members Ben Buckton, Chief Marketing & People Officer at Shakespeare Martineau, David Postill, SVP, Marketing and Customer Experience at AGI – Ag Growth International, Suneeta Motala, Chief Marketing Officer at AfrAsia Bank Ltd, Doug Zarkin, VP, CMO at Pearle Vision, JD Dillon, VP Marketing at Enphase Energy, and Muriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing at Western Union, were kind enough to share their top advice for other leaders from this past year.

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The best of Marketing Week at the Festival of Marketing
Highlights include Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar on planning forward amid uncertainty and the inside track on brand strategy behind one of the world’s most admired brands, Patagonia, delivered by European marketing director Alex Weller.

Facebook names Alex Schultz new global CMO
Former VP of product growth and innovation will take over role vacated by Antonio Lucio.

BE Exclusive: Burger King’s Fernando Machado shares his secret sauce of marketing
Burger King’s Fernando Machado shares his secret sauce of marketing … Fernando Machado, the global chief marketing officer of Restaurant Brands … And how do you make marketing a growth engine of business?

Key Takeaways From the First Virtual DMEXCO@HOME 2020
Providing food for thought on the “Attitude Matters’’ motto was a keynote speech from SAP’s Chief Marketing Officer Alicia Tillman, who spoke passionately about leading attitude to action in a post-COVID world.

The CMO’s New M.O.—How Fernando Machado Is Making The Whopper Even More Iconic
Fernando Machado, Restaurant Brands International’s CMO, talks about how his bold marketing approach is helping him lead over 11,000 franchises through times of crisis.

Northwell develops COVID-19 predictive tool that spots outbreaks 2 weeks in advance
“You’re feeling sick, start doing the research online, but you aren’t so ill that you need to see a doctor immediately,” said Ramon Soto, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer at Northwell Health. “We found a very strong relationship with website activity to in-facility COVID-19 patients two weeks later.”

Cadillac Enlists Regina King As Brand Ambassador
Cadillac aims to frame itself as a brand that is “fearless, innovative and one where we never stop pushing boundaries,” said Melissa Grady, Cadillac chief marketing officer. “‘Never Stop Arriving’ is really about a state of fearless evolution, and that’s what we all did this year: We evolved.”

Digital Innovation: Innovative Digital Content Marketing in The Next Normal – How the WHY Informs the WHAT
Patrick Bernardi, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Hu-Friedy shares insights and strategies around content marketing at Medtech Innovation Week.

How Burger Kind Used Cow Farts to Take Over Twitter
“When doing something that stands out, something that is relevant, you will inevitably get criticism on social media,” says Fernando Machado, global CMO of Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International. “As brands, we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and make a habit of learning from conversations with our critics. That’s how you get better.

“When customers are vulnerable, they expect brands to show up”: Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard
At the inaugural keynote address at the Brand World Summit 2020, the global CMO and president healthcare, Mastercard, Raja Rajamannar,  said that the presence of brands during a crisis was reassuring to consumers.

Slack less and work more: How too much communication can be a productivity killer
Experts say that while instant messaging can improve communications between remote workers, there are pitfalls to be aware of, including non-work-related conversations that can become a time suck. “Workers need to be careful with their use of IM tools,” said Denise Broady, chief operating officer at Workforce Software.

3 tips from former GE exec Beth Comstock on how to adapt to change
The former General Electric executive Beth Comstock to a Capital Region Chamber’s Women’s Business Council virtual crowd that an inability to imagine a different future is holding us back in our careers and in building better businesses.

3 Tips to Create a More Resilient and Productive Workforce
According to a survey conducted by meQuilibrium, the rate of job stress during the pandemic is soaring. One-third more employees report high levels of job stress compared to December 2019, said Pam Boiros, chief marketing officer for the Boston-based employee resilience training platform, meQuilibrium.

5 Tips To Combat Work From Home Burnout
It’s more important than ever to employ strategies to combat work from home burnout. Denise Broady, HR expert and COO at Workforce Software, shared her top tips to remain productive while still maintaining work-life balance.

The art and science of B2B marketing with Mary Ellen Dugan, CMO at WP Engine
FINITE founder Alex recorded this episode with Mary Ellen Dugan, CMO at WP Engine, to explore how modern day B2B marketing is a mix of both art and science, and the challenges that marketers face in balancing brand building with performance marketing whilst driving growth.

Fighting the bot invasion: how to clean up your data and stop losing money
Bots are responsible for billions of dollars of losses for businesses across the globe, they’re more sophisticated than ever before and they’re getting smarter, according to Dan Lowden, chief marketing officer of White Ops.

Mastercard CMO: Long-term and short-term are not mutually exclusive
Mastercard is ensuring it isn’t simply being reactive by taking both a short-term and long-term view. Its chief communications and marketing officer, Raja Rajamannar, believes reactions to an emergency cannot be “knee-jerk” but must be consistent with a brand’s strategic direction.

Don’t Just Disrupt How Consumers Think: Walk Your Talk
Disrupting means nothing if you’re not creating real value. In her revelatory book Imagine It Forward, author and former vice chair of General Electric, Beth Comstock writes the following “People who effect radical change have to exhibit an uncompromising faith in experimentation, a bias for novelty and action, and a sense that disruption is something you cause, not observe.”

Mark-Hans Richer Rebelling FOR Corporate Courage
Mark-Hans Richer, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Fortune Brands Home & Security, discusses what kind of courage it takes to drive innovation and change in a corporate environment. He discusses the challenges change-makers face when initiating ideas and illustrates how they lose their Rebel Souls in a corporation.

‘DOOH is a contextual, appealing, compelling format’
Raja Rajamannar, CMO & President, Healthcare – Mastercard talks about ‘Meaningful Engagement with Today’s Consumer’ at the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit 2020

The power of narrative in business
Marianna Kantor, CMO at Esri, states “Most of the conversation so far has centered on what humans do . . . and not so much, how do we use data or technology to make the world a better place? I work for a technology company that uses a lot of data, and we believe in the power of location and locals. The more segmented and targeted we can be, the more relevant we can be.”

adidas’ Digital Festival “Creators Club Week” Shows How Brands are Working to Recapture their Audience
“Creators Club Week is the biggest ever celebration of our global member community and an opportunity to bring people together through our curated program of digital experiences. Holding our first ever members week and asking our partners that we’ve worked so closely with to headline this moment, is the most fitting way to introduce our latest innovations, freshest designs and sustainable products to the world.” Scott Zalaznik, adidas SVP of Digital.

Burger King CMO: No-one wants to watch your ads unless you are at the Superbowl
Burger King’s Fernando Machado urges marketers to “hit a nerve” in order to cut through the clutter of advertising.

How do you solve a problem like… keeping remote staff inspired?
Alicia Tillman, global chief marketing officer, SAP and Brad Hiranaga, Chief Brand Officer, General Mills share their strategies. 

How Olympic advertisers are regrouping for 2021 summer games in Tokyo
Visa’s Chief Brand and Innovation Marketing Officer Chris Curtin said the company was poised with a plan to further Japan’s efforts to move toward more digital payments.  The strategy, two years in the making, included big plans for the Olympic Village and pavilions. Curtin said his team spent the last few months determining what parts they can keep, and which parts will need to be refreshed and made specific to 2021.

Study: Businesses Must Become Agile, Adapt Quickly to Pandemic-Related Changes
“COVID-19 has upended how businesses operate and how consumers interact with those businesses,” said Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer for Vonage. “We conducted research to understand changing consumer preferences and behaviors to help organizations better engage with their customers to drive better experiences.”

How to Find an E-Commerce Platform That Grows With You
Analyze your market and the strategies of competitors, gather information on your customers’ needs, and think about the pain points your marketplace can address. As GE Business Innovations executive Beth Comstock famously said, “Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate.”

LMA 2020 – Turning your busy experts into recognised thought leaders – Linda Orton & Connor Kinnear
Taking advantage of this fact and setting your fee earners up as thought leaders, was the subject of Linda Orton (CMO, Alvarez & Marsal) & Connor Kinnear’s (CMO, Passle) talk at LMA 2020.

The Un-official Partners Podcast: The Buy Side #2 – Peter Markey – TSB
The Buy Side: a conversation with Peter Markey, CMO of TSB Bank, about the reality of sport and sponsorship with CMOs and other senior brand-side marketing decision makers.

Planet Fitness CMO Recounts Pandemic Pivot
The arrival of the pandemic in first quarter 2020 brought 52 consecutive quarters of growth at Planet Fitness to a screeching halt.  The company had just opened its 2000th club. Jeremy Tucker, formerly the head of Nissan’s North American marketing, had been CMO at Plant Fitness for a little over 100 days.

The 2020 Holiday Season Is a Vital Crossroad for e-Commerce. This is How Merchants Can Come Out on Top.
To talk about what to expect in the 2020 holiday season, what merchants need to do to be successful, and what barriers could inhibit this success, PaymentsJournal sat down with Gary Sevounts, CMO at Kount, and Tim Sloane, VP of Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group.

Video chatting rapidly replacing SMS for businesses, reports find
“We are at the beginning of a huge market-wide communications revolution. If there was ever a question that businesses needed to digitally transform not only to survive but thrive, COVID-19 eliminated any doubt,” said Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer for Vonage.

How a top dental company is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic
2020 was supposed to be a year when HuFriedyGroup showcased its newly rebranded dental business, but plans changed with the advent of COVID-19. Learn more about the company’s strategic pandemic response and recent product launches in this interview with Patrick Bernardi, SVP and CMO of HuFriedyGroup.