Paula Puleo, the new CMO Solution Chair, shares her insights as the head of the CMO Customer Engagement Pillar

“I have spent most of my career fighting for the customer.  From my early days at American Express, to my formative years helping Don Peppers and Martha Rogers write books, consult with companies and truly change thought their concept of 1to1 marketing.  Our main premise in the mid to late 1990’s  was that true brand differentiation was the result of providing a relevant customer experience that no one else could.  Fast forward almost 20 years and now we have things like the web, mobile apps, social media, advanced analytics to help make all of this happen.  To help large companies form and sustain very intimate relationships with their customers that could get smarter over time. For me personally as a marketer, it’s like a dream come true, though as a consumer its amazing how many companies still do not have it exactly right.

The Customer Engagement Pillar of the CMO Solutions Clubhouse will focus on all elements of Customer Engagement.  From personalization, to loyalty strategies, social currency to story-telling, all things as marketers we need to be able to maximize in order to simply get, keep and grow customer value and connection.  With today’s demanding customer, and tomorrow’s digitally dependent one, as marketers it’s extremely critical that both basic and advance customer engagement strategies and tactics are embedded into our companies’ short and long-term plans.  Since technology investments are a key dependency, these plans need to be well thought out and vetted.   Our team will find relevant content, curate it with your help and provide a platform for discuss and debate.  My goal is to make this a valuable resource as you make advancements in your Customer Engagement plans.”​ – Paula Puleo.