The CMO Club had the honor of hosting former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, when he spoke at the Spring Innovation Summit in New York last month. He explained to us that it was his desire to help others that drove his growth from his family ranch in Guanajuato, to university in Mexico City, rising through the ranks at Coca-Cola from delivery truck driver to head of Latin American Operations, Harvard business school, Governor of Guanajuato, and eventually President of Mexico after dethroning a rival political party that had been in power for 71 years. The most inspiring part of President Fox’s story was that he doesn’t consider it to be remarkable at all. In fact, it’s his belief that every single person on earth has the ability and obligation to achieve great things in order to help others.


President Fox believes that there is no limit to what we can achieve when we have a purpose – as long as that purpose is not self-serving. I can’t do justice to the power of his words so please watch him in action below:

[youtube id=”HNgANzEqVnw”]

He later went on to encourage CMO Club members to take this lesson and integrate it into their company cultures. He believes that social enterprises and entrepreneurship will lead the way ahead – especially in developing countries like Mexico and India. It’s our responsibility as global citizens to balance profit with an investment in the communities that we touch.


When President Fox realized that in order to progress further at Coca-Cola, he would have to leave Mexico, he decided to run for Governor instead. He chose to stay in Mexico because it allowed him to be closer to people and gain understanding for the problems they faced. He understood at the time that entering politics was a risk as the government was wrought with violence and corruption. If you ask President Fox why he did it, he’ll tell you it was the only option for him. Being an effective leader requires you to make tough decisions in order to do the right thing. See more on leadership below:

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