Richard Marnell, the new CMO Solution Chair, shares his insights as the head of the CMO Marketing Effectiveness Pillar.

“The extent, level, and pace of change for today’s marketer is astounding. While I do my best to get ahead, as a student of the marketplace I recognize that all of us are learning at the same time and the marketplace is changing at the same rate. We have a distinct opportunity to help one another to learn and grow directly. We can adopt new sophistication that is available in today’s marketplace and help to understand our customers’ needs to make sure we have products that are desirable to them.

We have a remarkable opportunity today to reach our audience with precision at great scale. And with that opportunity comes responsibility. We must educate our peers about what’s possible; explain investments required; and expected ROI. We also have an opportunity to self-educate and to be leaders of the change that is needed within our teams.

I don’t have all — or even many — of the answers. I’m running as fast as I can to learn, to adapt, and to change. I am excited at the opportunity that this Solution Clubhouse brings. The opportunity to share, inspire, and challenge one another to improvement.

I hope you will engage in the debate and discussion.”