Lisa Joy Rosner, Former CMO of Neustar, is an award-winning marketer, a loving mother of four and an advocate of work/life balance – and she’s on a mission to shatter the highly publicized “glass ceiling” that is a buzz topic in Silicon Valley.

During 3Q Digital’s monthly event series, 3Q View, Rosner shared her words of wisdom that are applicable for anyone looking to strike more balance between personal priorities and professional ambitions.

Her core philosophy on the matter is to “amortize your balance,” reminding us that you can’t have everything every day. However, by taking stock of what you’re truly passionate about, managing expectations and setting clear boundaries, you will be helping yourself succeed in a way that matters most to you.

In a recap of the event, Rosner detailed five pieces of advice that have helped her achieve success as a marketer and mother:

  1. Be your own best advocate by articulating what you want and how you plan to achieve it.
  1. Have a road map…that can flex by focusing your attention on the everyday, ever-changing actions that contribute to your overall success, instead of maintaining a rigid 10-year plan.
  1. Find mentors that can provide invaluable professional advice.
  1. Know your numbers, and continually exceed them as you grow professionally.
  1. Determine your personal brand by thinking about what people might say about you when you aren’t there. If it doesn’t reflect your goals, think about how you can change that.

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Photo provided by 3Q Digital.