With all the focus on Digital Advertising, I think we quickly overlook the importance of the underlying data that drives our efforts in reaching customers in real-time with targeted smart ads that reflect the level of insight and relationship we have with them.  Some may call it “creepy”, others “savvy”, but we’d be remise if we didn’t stop to reflect upon the possibilities…brought to us not only by data, but data scientists.

Said best, I think, by my friend Jon Bird, Chairman of IdeaWorks, I bring back a quote now from a couple years ago, a concept alive today and the focus of our efforts tomorrow (not to mention a great article on The War for Data Science Talent on our Organizational Design and Effectiveness Page by John Kelly from BRG):

“HBR headlined last October: ‘Data scientist: The sexiest job of the 21st century’.

What is a data scientist? According to the HBR essay, the position describes a “high ranking professional with the training and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of big data”. The reason that this job needs to be done at all is the data deluge that is hitting companies everywhere, and the opportunity to put that information to productive use.

Per Jon Stine, lead for retail consulting for Cisco North America, “Say you’re in London and it’s raining. Great data analysis should know that you don’t have a raincoat, love the Burberry brand, and that there’s a special offer in the store on Regent St. A deal automatically pops up on your smartphone, along with directions on how to get to the store.”

If data scientists are suddenly sexy, maybe it’s time to get a little hot and sweaty about the rivers of data in your business.”

Jon Bird, Chairman of IdeaWorks