Lately, buzzwords like innovation, content marketing, and social media are dominating conversations, making it easy to feel overwhelmed as each new player is added to an already-full marketing roster.

CMOs must think on their feet to determine which new technology their brand should adopt and brainstorm how to creatively use digital media, while also plan content AND provide value to the customer.

Oh yes – the customer.

That is who we are doing this for, aren’t we? But even the best marketers can get sidetracked from time to time.

When playing the game of marketing, Jonathan Rigby, CMO of Manchester United says to keep your eye on the ball – or rather, the customer.

“The world is becoming more complex, so it’s important to keep things simple,” said Rigby in an interview with CMO Club TV.

Rigby said that he is continuously looking for areas of his marketing strategy that can be simplified, while always circling back to the customer.

In fact, a part of his personal brand is jumping right into the conversation with fans – talking and listening as an individual.

“Bring joy to your customers,” said Rigby. “If you focus on that, you’ll be OK as a marketer.”

Watch more in our short interview with Rigby as he tells The CMO Club how he keeps the focus on Manchester United fans:

[youtube id=”QmNWBXBbzpk”]