On February 9, Atlanta Chapter President, Carol Godfrey, VP Marketing at Southwire Atlanta, and Steven Cook, Founder of FortuneCMO, welcomed CMO Club members at the Atlanta Tech Village for the first ever “Start-Up Mash-Up”.  At the event, CMOs met with start-up founders to discuss trends and issues that CMOs will face in 2015 and beyond. As the C-Suite increasingly looks to the CMO to transform the company through innovation, marketers will need to seek inspiration outside of their own offices. What better place to look than innovation in its’ rawest form: the start-up?

We’re happy to share these key takeaways from the event from the perspectives of Steven Cook and start-up founder Eric Spett, CEO at Terminus:

Turmoil vs. Transformation

“The C-suite is increasingly looking to the CMO to lead transformation across the enterprise, particularly within the digital and social media spheres with an increased focus on the customer. There is no playbook in this turmoil, and the number of solution options seems to grow every day as the responsibilities of the CMO expand every day. The need for CMOs to connect, share and learn from CMO peers in real-time is growing in this period of turmoil.” –Steven Cook, Founder of FortuneCMO

“We heard that the struggles of small and big companies at the CMO level are very similar in nature – not enough time, not enough resources, and too many priorities – even though the scale of these challenges are vastly different.” –Eric Spett, CEO at Terminus

Marketing & Sales: A Match Made in Hell Heaven

“There was broad agreement that CMOs should already be partnering with their Sales counterparts. CMOs should be taking responsibility for securing targeted and qualified prospects, engaging them through the buyer journey, leading the customer experience at all touch-points, nurturing customers as they become fans and advocates for the brand, and taking responsibility for generating revenue. Many of the start-ups are developing enabling technology to help marketers connect more effectively with their sales departments.” –Steven Cook, Founder of FortuneCMO

” One Top CMO challenge expressed is optimizing marketing campaigns to drive revenue generation and not just lead generation. This is increasingly becoming evident in small to mid-size companies where marketers are responsible for driving a measurable pipeline from marketing sourced leads and opportunities. This requires a major mind-shift at all levels of the marketing organization and an increased level of maturity in understanding the marketing role at the executive level.” –Eric Spett, CEO at Terminus

Focus on the Customer


“In 2015 and beyond, CMOs will be responsible for the customer experience journey end-to-end; with customer experience trumping the success of advertising campaigns.” –Steven Cook, Founder of FortuneCMO

“CMOs are also interested in identifying technologies that can help them connect the dots. It’s all about getting a complete customer lifecycle view in order to influence every customer touchpoint from click to close and beyond.” –Eric Spett, CEO at Terminus