Some of history’s most successful leaders read voraciously. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Steve Jobs, have all reported to be daily readers. There’s no doubt: it’s is a positive habit of successful people – and there are plenty of reading lists out there. But, rather than looking for a list of self-improvement titles online, we wanted to see what our very own members are reading these days. So, we asked around. From time-tried classics to cutting edge new releases, here are four books that were recently recommended by marketers, for marketers:

The Circle of Safety refers to teams where each person feels like they belong, and everyone is happily devoted to a common cause. So, why do some teams fail to reach this symbiosis, while for others it seems to come naturally? From the military to investment banking, Sinek has studied different teams and their leaders to find the answer.

Read it if…you want to improve your leadership abilities and create an environment where employees are inspired, trusted, valued and dedicated to your team and your organization.

Recommended by The CMO Club Atlanta Chapter.

What is the Age of Aging? About 80 million consumers are now aging, as the last of the baby boomers turn 50. This is a lot of buying power that you don’t want to overlook amidst the modern-day buzz surrounding millennials.

Read it if…you want to reach today’s aging consumers. Hubbell makes a compelling case for why this generation is a marketer’s gold mine, sharing marketing advice that will help CMOs and brands stay relevant.

  • The Startup Playbook, by David Kidder

    Don’t you wish you could get in the head of today’s most successful CEOs?
     Through interviews with founders from LinkedIn, TED, Flickr and
    more, that’s exactly what Kidder does.

Read it if…you want to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in your role and keep up with the quickly changing demand of today’s marketplace. According to reviews, this book “will change the way you think about your job, your business, and maybe even your industry.”

The Essentialism Movement: For leaders who are feeling overworked and underutilized, busy but not productive…(you get the idea), this is a system – not for getting more done in less time, but for deciding what is essential and only doing those things.

Read it if…you want to make the highest possible contribution to your company, yourself and your personal life. This book is all about working better – sounds nice, doesn’t it?