The CMO Club Announces Members-Only Digital Roundtables

A brand new way to engage with your CMO Club community…

Ask any one of our 800+ members why they love The CMO Club and they’ll likely tell you that the in-person events are invaluable for networking, connecting with peers and personal development. The Club currently hosts dinner roundtables in 25 Chapter cities around the world and two Summits a year in New York and LA. While these events give most members plenty of opportunity to interact with one another on a local level, we wanted to take peer-to-peer networking one step further and make it possible for members from around the world to connect with one another on a regular basis. With that in mind, The CMO Club recently launched a new series of members-only Digital Roundtable events.

What is a Digital Roundtable? I’m glad you asked. View full the Digital Roundtable Video here