The scope of marketing responsibilities is changing quickly, ranging from traditional roles to adding digital, new technologies and far-reaching business transformation. This has led to many questions about how CMOs should operate their departments, ranging from structure, staffing and talent, insourcing/outsourcing and key performance measures and how to fluidly adapt these as their roles flex.

This benchmarking survey, along with in-depth interviews of The CMO Club members plus other CMOs, will help to investigate the CMO breadth of responsibilities, organization structures, talent requirements and gaps. Once finalized the study will enable CMOs to review and use the benchmarks and guidance based on our findings on how to sustainably, flexibly organize and operate effective marketing functions as well as assist them on working partnerships with peer CXOs.

This new annual study will provide insight into:

  • The CMO role, reporting position and scope of responsibilities
  • The marketing organization structure and design
  • The roles and responsibilities (scope, skills, and functions) of the marketing organization
  • The skills and capabilities needed in the future
  • The measures and performance standards of marketing organizations and their leaders

For members of The CMO Club and other CMOs interested in sharing their insights for this important study, take the survey now.