What’s the key to building a better brand experience? Simplicity.

Brands from the airline industry to eCommerce are realizing this and focusing on simplifying the interactions offered to consumers, and all the while consumer expectations for a streamlined experience are rising, quickly.

In our new 2015 Global Brand Simplicity Index, Siegel+Gale has endeavored to help everyone understand just how important simplicity can be for a brand. What do we mean by simple?

  • Easy to understand
  • Transparent and honest
  • Making customers feel valued
  • Innovative and fresh
  • Useful

The Simplicity Index is an annual survey of more 12,000 consumers worldwide on the brands that they know and love (or sometimes don’t). Watch video here.

In numbers, the benefits of simplicity are crystal clear:

  • 214% – percentage that a portfolio of the world’s simplest brands has beaten the average global stock index since 2009
  • 69% – percentage of consumers who are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications
  • 63% – percentage of consumers willing to pay more for simpler experiences

The Winners

The Top Ten performers reflect a group of brands that excel in delivering simplicity in customer experience and communications, and all are able to fulfill consumer’s desires quickly in an increasingly “on-demand” era. See the full rankings here.

Topping our Global List are perennial achievers Aldi, Google and Lidl. In the US, Google leads, followed by Netflix and grocery chain Publix. Fast- and fast-casual brands performed well in the US, with commitment to consistency and simplicity from messaging to the in-store experience.

Siegel Gale Simplicity Graphic


Of course, delivering truly simple brand experiences isn’t easy. It requires leadership that knows how to stay focused on the customer, and how to be selective about the initiatives will make the deepest impact on them. In parallel with this year’s Simplicity Index, we interviewed the leadership of six brands that consistently performed well in the Simplicity Index to learn more about how they build cultures of simplicity within their organizations. The study features interviews with these “Simplifiers” including Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, Lorraine Twohill, CMO of Google, and C-level executives from CVS Health, Dunkin’ Donuts, Gannett and Southwest Airlines.
Read the interviews here.

Today, consumers live in a world of limitless choices. Brand experience is the road to their loyalty. Simplicity will get you there faster.

This post is by @MargaretMolloy, CMO Siegel+Gale

This piece also appears on LinkedIn and in The Huffington Post.