From record-breaking e-commerce sales days to Net Neutrality debates to even more digital advertising options, we’ve got the latest announcements and updates for marketers…

Here are our top headlines this week:

  • In their most recent offering for other ad options, Facebook introduced ads to Messenger this week after running beta tests since January. Amid consumer concerns, the social media site has promised it won’t be scanning user messages but WILL be adding a lot of value for marketers to reach their consumers at key times. Adweek’s got the scoop on the ever-evolving Messenger functions.
  • Spotlight on: advertising. Joining other strategic hires Pinterest made this year are two former Google Executives brought on to focus on search and e-commerce ad budgets. You can expect a lot more marketing options, too – including new analytics, more advanced tracking and continued focus on the conversion tags and Pinterest Lens.  Read more on Business Insider.
  • Links are officially here: In a feature its major competitor (Instagram) hasn’t yet allowed,  Snapchat rolled out the ability for anyone and everyone to add clickable links to their Snaps . For marketers, that means no more paying to have your website attached to your brand content. Marketing Land shares this and a few more updates.
  • Wednesday was the Day of Action. Brands and people came together (sometimes in unlikely partnerships) to talk about Net Neutrality and support a free and open internet. Some companies changed their website home pages, others called for consumer support, and even more shared blog posts, press releases and social media posts about the issue. The Verge summarizes some of the brands and highlights involved.

  • Were you shopping? With Tuesday’s Amazon Prime Day, behind us, Tech Crunch takes a look at some of the top items customers were buying. So, how did it go? It was “the biggest sales day in company history.” For a company like Amazon, that’s no small feat.