As technology advances and data becomes more sophisticated, brands look to creative ways to stand out, knowing it’s about more than just the transaction. Meanwhile, platforms and tech carry more responsibility when it comes to marketing attribution and data.

Here are five things in marketing we are talking about this week:

  • Update your wiki pages. To battle fake news and to help provide readers with more context, Facebook announced Thursday that they will be populating article links with information about a publisher gathered from sources like Wikipedia. Will it work? Marketing Land takes a look at the new update. 
  • In a world of ad blockers, virtual reality, and short attention spans, brands are finding traditional advertising frustrating and human connections decreasing. That’s why big brands are shifting marketing budgets to experiential advertising. And it’s working. Adweek shares how they are measuring success, here.
  • Say what? You may have heard Google’s announcement that daily AdWords can spend up to 2x your set daily budget, even though it won’t go over your monthly budget. A lot of marketers have been asking: “What’s the point of budgets, then?” And Search Engine Land explores here.
  • It’s no secret Amazon is transforming e-commerce. Now it has its sights set on the shipping industry, testing its own native delivery service. According to Bloomberg Technology, this will give Amazon an even more competitive edge over traditional retailers, while eventually taking UPS and FedEx out of the equation.
  • Speaking of traditional retailers, Walmart, one of Amazon’s major competitors, made a not-so-subtle dig about having to pay for free shipping. The big box retailer recently partnered with Google and will be offering free 2-day shipping for the holidays. Adweek takes a look at how they are staying relevant in a changing market.