It’s Olympics season…but non-sponsors aren’t really supposed to mention anything Games-related in their marketing. Confused? We’ve got the “rules scoop” for you!

Plus, learn the hard stance Unilever is taking against fake news, how brands are leveraging the Tide Pod Challenge, where mobile is going in 2018, and what ultimately leads people to abandon social media altogether.

It’s all here…in This Week in Marketing.

  • Unilever—one of the world’s largest advertisers—is threatening to pull its ads from social sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Why? They’re demanding more “responsible content” from those companies. Get some background on this developing story here.
  • “Is it smart for brands to be flippant toward controversial subjects?” That’s the question this article strives to answer in the wake of the Tide Pod Challenge—as some companies use this baffling viral challenge to inspire their marketing. Learn more about their initiatives here.
  • We’ve all heard people threaten to “quit” social media. But for those who actually follow through and delete all their accounts, what was their breaking point? And will they ever return to the world of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram? Mashable shares eight people’s perspectives in this article.

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