Video and data accuracy: Those seem to be the two things that are top of mind for brands, advertising platforms, and users this week. Here are the top five updates and announcements we are talking about right now:

  • The answer to your cross-platform tracking woes: Identity AI is Adbrain’s latest creation, and it’s helping brands figure out when we visit the same site on different devices. Consider that one huge step in attribution and tracking the customer journey. More on Marketing Land.
  • Watch this. That’s what Facebook is saying after they introduced the arrival of their original video tab on Wednesday night. Their blog post said, “Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community…and earn money for their work.” Tune in.
  • Earlier this week, Pinterest publicly released Promoted Video ads that autoplay in user’s feeds and search results. To reassure brands about the accuracy of their video data, the platform partnered with third party data providers before rolling out their latest ad feature.
  • Spotlight on sitelinks. AdWords made some upgrades to their mobile extension this week, rolling out tappable sitelinks that let users scroll further and navigate to direct pages they are looking for. Advertisers get to choose which links are featured, making it a win-win for everyone. Get more details, here.
  • Instagram also got in on the advertising updates this week, announcing that brands can now promote posts with multiple images. It’s a feature that’s been available to the (non-advertising) masses for a while, but now brands can hop on board and feature mixed media sets, product lines and more. Adweek has the update.