With SXSW kicking off this month, many brands announced new products, functionalities and campaigns. But, whether companies went high-tech or grassroots with their approach, it was all about the customer experience. Here are five things we’re talking about this week:

  • Adblock Plus no longer has control over which ads they block. The Acceptable Ads Committee was announced this week by Eyeo (the parent company of Adblock Plus) in an effort to create an independent review board. Stepping into a controversial role within the advertising and marketing world, these members will be tasked with determining with ads will be whitelisted, and which won’t make the cut. Read more on Business Insider.
  • If Facebook Messenger Day seems strangely familiar that’s because, well, it is. Last week, Facebook announced the release of a video feature very similar to the Stories you might find on Snapchat and Instagram, leaving consumers and marketers alike asking if this is really necessary. It just might be – Tech Crunch weighs the pros and cons of having the same story, different platform.
  • Speaking of which, the numbers are in and Snapchat ROI hasn’t been delivering as well as marketers had hoped. According to an article on Ad Age, Snapchat ads underperformed when compared to major competitors like Facebook and Instagram. As these platforms continue to mimic functionalities – and as Snapchat demographics shift away from Gen Z – it looks like it might be an uphill climb for the yellow ghost.
  • Hello, multitasking. According to Social Media Today, more than 91% of users will be simultaneously using the internet and watching TV in 2017, which explains why Facebook announced earlier this year that they are developing a new TV app. As we enter this new social TV movement, brands and social platforms will be looking at ways to maximize ad spend with overlapping video content. Read some consumer behavior stats on the topic, here.
  • In case you missed it (or if you just want to relive the fun), SXSW had everyone’s attention last week with activations from some of the top brands around. This year’s collaborations and installations blended the old – like flash mobs and street teams – with the new – yes, there was a lot of talk about AR. Adweek shared their favorite marketing activations, here.