To stay on the cusp of consumer trends, brands must always be evolving. This week, we see more news about the recent Google updates and strategic partnerships that focus on customer segmentation and additional advertising options for brands.

Here are the top five things in marketing we’re talking about right now:

  • Marketers, meet Fred. The Google update the world has been speculating about for the last month has been confirmed, and brands are still watching to see how it affects organic traffic and rankings. There has been a lot of talk about interstitials, internal and external page links and machine learning. Check out some of the top headlines about the update, here.
  • Snapchat is making a move toward becoming a big player in the direct-marketing world. The app’s latest advertising offerings include app-install marketing and retargeting efforts for advertisers targeting millennial users. Read more, on Adweek.
  • Yelp and CRM may not initially seem like two words that go in the same sentence, but that may be changing. After announcing it’s purchase of Turnstyle – a WiFi analytics company – Yelp has just expanded its advertising capabilities for brands. Think list building, segmentation, in-store traffic attribution and more. Marketing Land talks about the acquisition, here.
  • It’s time to add ‘voice search marketing’ to your SEO checklist. PASO, or Personal Assistant Search Optimization, may not be a household acronym just yet, but Siri and Google Assistant are far from being new kids on the block. Search Engine Land predicts why they’ll become more important to search rank – and how marketers can start preparing.
  • In a new agreement with NFL, Amazon steps into the live streaming space. The NFL announced Wednesday that Amazon Prime Video will be streaming the Thursday Night Football games this fall, a contract that was held last year by Twitter. This is a test run for Amazon to try out live events and new revenue models, so stay tuned to see where it leads.