As initial buzz about AI, AR and chatbots begins to die down, brands and tech companies are now digging deeper to see how they can make these things work for them. Here are the top five things in marketing we’re talking about right now:

  • Is the phone – not glasses – actually the best device for AR? Zuckerberg thinks so. During Wednesday’s F8 developer’s conference, Facebook rolled out the first closed beta version of Facebook Camera Effects Platform, which just might have it leap-frogging Snapchat when it comes to AR functionalities for users. Adweek shared some of the details about what will be possible in the near-future.
  • Chatbots are also getting a makeover with Facebook Chat Extension and the launch of a Discovery Tab. These updates make chatbots much easier (and valuable) to use for brands and consumers alike. For starters, users can browse for trending experiences, preview how a bot can help them before engaging and see their recently used bots. Tech Crunch digs into some of the details, here.
  • You said “get to the point already,” and Google answered. This week, people have been seeing Google “suggested clips” tests, where embedded videos at the top of search results skip to the portion of the video that is most relevant to your query. Read more on Search Engine Land, here.
  • Instagram’s less-than-subtle riff of Snapchat’s Stories has officially surpassed the original. Half of Instagram’s 400 million daily users are now checking their Stories, too. But that’s not all. According to Marketing Land, Instagram Direct got some new updates this week that are giving many users déjà vu – again.
  • It’s all in the cloud: With media distrust increasing and more agency relationships on the rocks, martech companies are taking the opportunity to roll out even more marketing cloud services – many of which now include AI. Ad Age discusses how brands are becoming more emboldened with cloud technology, and how this is signaling another shift in the way agencies service them.