Customers’ increasing online purchases continue to inspire innovation in online and mobile marketing spheres. Companies like Twitter and Stripe are streamlining the buying experience for digital customers, while Facebook is helping users show more emotion.

On a fun side, wacky new trends are always emerging as people and brands attempt to stand out from the crowd. There is literally something for everyone – and then some. Fancy yourself a bacon connoisseur? There’s a new dating app for that. Think your brand needs a new advertising direction? How about ‘catvertising?’ It’s all the rage in China, and the viral videos are proving cats sell.

Here’s our 5 top news items from the digital marketing world this week:

  • Tell ‘em how you really feel – with the ‘dislike’ button. In a USA Today article, Facebook says the highly-requested button is coming soon, but it’s more to express empathy when a user shares sad information than as a voting tool for popular posts. As users share more opinions on branded content, will this be good or bad for a company’s marketing?
  • Consumers can now complete purchases without ever leaving their news feed: Twitter and Stripe announced this week that they would be partnering to simplify mobile payments for e-commerce brands. Relay allows “customers to buy directly within other mobile apps” and dramatically streamlines the buying experience. Read the full Digital Trends article here.
  • AOL is shortening the creative process for digital ads with data automation. The platform, One By AOL was announced on Tuesday as a part of their Pictela brand overhaul. It will “automatically inform which creative assets should be shown in which formats to specific audiences,” according to a Marketing Land article.
  • Brands like Ogilvy & Mather are ‘going rainbow’ in response to recent LGBT legislature. As some companies are eager to tap into the community’s $885 million US spending power, others are hesitant to make what can still be a controversial statement. Either way, Adweek cites agencies that are already specializing in diversity campaigns. Read more here.