Conversations about media transparency have been top of mind for advertisers this year. And, as we roll our calendars into a new month, companies and platforms are rolling out new updates to help brands connect with fans as effectively as possible. Here are five things we are talking about this week – both on and offline….

  • Facebook launched a new feature that provides brands with yet another way to have more meaningful conversations with their fans, linking Instagram ads to Facebook Messenger business accounts. Some marketers are already seeing this as an effective alternative to email marketing. Marketing Land explores the new update’s benefits.
  • This week, a new player joined the self-service ads space: Quora. It’s not exactly a new name in the digital world (the start-up is seven years old), but this feature will be a turning point for the brand as it allows advertisers to connect with millions of users. Tech Crunch shares how you can get started, here.
  • There’s plenty of talk about digital, but what about marketing efforts IRL? In the midst of media distrust, P&G raises more questions about the viewability of in-store paper displays. New research is showing that these items make it to the display floor less than half of the time that they are paid to – a big problem considering brands fork over more than a billion dollars each year for them. Ad Age shares more insights, here.
  • “The front page of the internet” has some new features. After signing a deal with Foursquare this week, Reddit allows users to share location-based posts through their app. With similar partnerships with Snapchat and Twitter, does this mean advertising options are next? Redditors are notorious for campaigning against new updates and branded content, so only time will tell. Read more on Adweek.
  • Don’t forget about your personal brand: It’s no secret CMO tenures are short. That’s why even top marketers need to keep an updated resume and portfolio. Social Media Today shares how to stand out above the other 500 million Linkedin users with strategic keywords and endorsements. Invest in yourself this week and spend an hour refreshing your profile.