Who better to ask about career and personal success than the people who have made it to the top! CMO Club members share what they’ve found invaluable in pursing a career and life that fulfills them.

Elliott Bundy, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Managing Director, XL Catlin
Elliott Bundy, XL Catlin

Elliott Bundy, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, Managing Director, XL Catlin

The first component is a tie between two, but both are people. I have parents that always provided the support mechanism and confidence to fail and succeed in equal measures. And today, I’m fortunate to have a wife and family that provide immeasurable support.
Second, like many others, I’ve benefited from an incredible mentor and friend in our CEO, Mike McGavick.
Third, early in my political work, I learned the importance of differentiating with a clear strategy and the tactics used in achieving it. That’s a lesson I think about and use daily still.



Becky Schroeder
Becky Schroeder, ITC

Becky Schroeder, VP of Marketing,
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC)

 1. A commitment to learning.

2. A passion for hard work and a job well done.

3. Grit and persistence for continual improvement.


Dave Minifie
Dave Minifie

Dave Minifie, Chief Experience Officer & EVP, Corporate Strategy, Centene Corporation, CMO, DHL Express

The single most important thing for me in life is leadership. For me, leadership is composed of three parts: communication, development, and amplification. While I can – and have – written reams on these topics, I’ll boil it down to three statements.

Communication is about having a plan and articulating it, listening before speaking, and having a data-based point of view. Development applies equally to yourself as well as to your people – it’s about constant improvement. Amplification is about collaboration and support in a way that allows the team to deliver beyond its individual parts – think about what Robert E. Lee did with limited CSA resources, or what Bill Belichick does with limited star(t) power for the New England Patriots.


Manny Rodriguez
Manny Rodriguez

Manny Rodriguez, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, UCHealth

1. Maintaining a relentless desire to win.

2). Remembering that when you stop learning and stop having fun it’s time to find something new to do.

3). And ALWAYS remembering that family is a priority.



What are YOUR three most important components for personal and professional success?