Look around you. How many smartphones do you see just in your immediate vicinity? Chances are, quite a few. Likely at least one per person.

Mobile is not the future, but the present. And, as we live in the era of smartphones, mobile marketing is increasingly more essential for effectively promoting services and products that resonate with your audience, cultivating relationships, establishing outstanding brand loyalty, and increasing customer acquisition and retention. Yet, for many brands, mobile is still a fairly untapped resource, giving marketers a new opportunity to reach customers in a very personalized way.

The real conversations brands should be having around this topic aren’t merely about desktop vs. mobile, though, – there’s no denying that brand initiatives must go deeper than mobile-optimized websites – but rather, mobile sites vs native apps, which niches work best, specific consumer usage and behaviors, UX features that draw or repel audiences, search strategies, and conversion statistics, to name a few.

This infographic, compiled by the team behind Website Builder, digs into the nitty gritty, bringing you 104 valuable facts about mobile marketing and mobile marketing techniques that are important to know right now.