Executive Presence is the trait that gets you into the executive suite and helps you stay there. This ground breaking article outlines the nine factors that help craft your executive presence and outline the actions you can take today to amp up your executive presence: Passion, Poise, Self-confidence, Candor, Clarity, Openness, Thoughtfulness, Sincerity, Warmth. These traits are not about the content of your message, but rather about your mannerisms because 80% of communication is non-verbal. Your audience — of one or one thousand — uses these factors to make decisions about you and your capabilities every single day. Utilize these tips to shape the way you are being perceived based on your six expressive tools: eyes, face, body (image, posture, clothing), and voice (tone, inflection, conversational pace) and how you deliver your message. That’s it, six tools to use to hone your authentic executive image. Learn how by downloading the full article.

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