The business models of marketing are changing; that’s not news. As technology shifts and advances the ways that consumers interact with advertising, companies with any chance of surviving must maintain a team of forward thinking individuals not only capable of adapting to the changing times, but a workforce that is excited about using the latest, innovative technology to benefit the overarching goals of the company in entirely new ways.

Simply put, the future of your company depends on hiring a generation of workers that are fueled by the changing times, able to offer insight and maintain a desire to learn and think as quickly as the changing times. Millennials can do that.

Chairman and CEO of ManpowerGroup, Jonas Prising, knows the importance of seeking out Millennials to join profitable companies. In World Economic Forum, he writes about a study conducted by Manpower group in which 19,000 Millennials across 25 countries were asked what it takes to reach the next job level. “We wanted to better understand how they see their careers ahead and offer practical solutions for employers to assist with talent attraction and development,” Prising says. “Our findings were encouraging.”

Those findings revealed that many Millennials claim their skills and qualifications to be the assets capable of earning them work success. Almost the same percentage said that current job performance was important in progressing at work. Only 16 percent of those polled said that success depends on good fortune and a mere 2 percent said that they see no prospect for advancement.

The picture of the self-entitled, idealistic Millennial dragging her feet in the corporate world, ignorant of words like “work ethic” is  all wrong. Many Millennials are hungry to bring their skill sets to companies that are able to accommodate innovative ideas and creativity.

Prising discusses the idea that Millennials, realizing that they’ll be in the work force longer than their parents, are planning for extended careers accordingly. 79 percent said that the prospect of learning new skills is a motivating factor when choosing a job. 93 percent said that they were willing to invest their own time and money into learning the skills that could earn them a good job.

This desire to learn and strengthen their abilities is what makes Millennials an incredible asset to the workforce. By placing importance on learnability, Millennials make themselves adaptable for the long run—able to not only keep up with growing trends, but to create their own in new, advanced ways.

So, how do you use the great qualities that Millennials exhibit to your advantage? Make learnability a priority for your employees. For Prising, that meant launching MyPath, a program that offers full tuition coverage to eligible Manpower associates, giving them the “opportunity to pursue a college education together with valuable career coaching.” If the Millennial generation is one that values education and dexterity in their work lives, your job is to give them the tools to accomplish that.