This week, brands and media platforms are focused on streamlining their marketing process, increasing ad effectiveness, and creating a better experience for users. Here are the five marketing headlines that caught our attention this week:

  • Google announced that they will be releasing an ad filter in 2018. If you think that’s counterintuitive, you aren’t alone. However, the search engine will be using it as a quality control of sorts to block invasive ads and make the user experience better. Which means brands and marketers will need to double-check their content. Marketing Land shares what will (and will not) make it past the filter.
  • Snapchat gives advertisers more control over their placements. On Thursday, the social media site announced that there are now three options for limiting where your branded content shows up, most notably allowing them to remove the news category from their media buys. Read more on the updates, here.
  • Image-based segmenting – what’s this about? ShareIQ, a visual content platform, says brands can create custom audiences from their database based on people who have interacted with or viewed certain images. According to Martech Today, this will give marketers another option when creating segmented audience lists.
  • AR is about to go mainstream. According to eMarketer, 54 million Americans will regularly engage with AR by 2020 – and Apple and Facebook want to be at the front of the charge. Last weekend, Facebook took its Camera Effects Studio out for a test drive and Apple said the iOS 11 update in September will enable AR on their devices. Read more about what’s coming on Adweek.
  • Fear not, video is here. This week, Linkedin joined ranks with other top social media sites and launched a video feature that allows users to show projects and other work-related videos. The real news around the launch, though, is the site’s plan to move into 1-1 live chats, which could change the recruiting and hiring game in a good way. Tech Crunch explains.