This week, marketers were introduced to new advertising features, more advanced contextual video targeting and, of course, the much talked about Apple iPhone X event (in case you missed it, you can get the five-minute download, here). With so much much going on, there’s plenty to talk about. Here are our favorite stories from this week:

Facebook ads get a nostalgic update. As of Tuesday, advertisers now have the option to use ‘lifestyle templates,’ which presents users with a shoppable, catalog-like image after they’ve clicked on your News Feed ad. This means brands can now create more context in their ads, with a stronger call to action. Social Media Today has an example sequence of the feature.

▪ New kids on the AR block: Animojis are among some of the most talked-about updates from this week’s Apple iPhone X event, acting more like face filters than the emojis we’ve all come to know and love. And, brands will be able to leverage the Snapchat filter-esque animations for list building and CRM. Adweek shares their first impressions.

▪ The data-obsessed have a reason to celebrate. Google Data Studio now has the option to pull in data from other third-party sources. Think a clear look at your Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and standard Google Analytics, all on one dashboard. Marketing Land talks about the beta version, here.

▪ The secret to actually reaching the right people on Youtube? Context. According to Adweek, only about 50% of YouTube viewers are logged in and, when they are, it’s not always them watching (your spouse might be on your computer, etc). Cue contextual marketing and the technology that makes it possible. 

 ▪ Google Analtyics has a new cookie. In response to Apple’s soon-to-be Safari update – which limits some of what third-party trackers can do – Google has updated how conversions are measured and tracked. For most, there should be little or no changes in their online dashboards, but Search Engine Land explains how it will work.