Before your next board meeting, make sure you turn off your marketing brain before entering.

Yes, you read that right.

Mike Linton, CMO of Farmer’s Insurance told last year’s Summit attendees that you don’t want to be the marketer in the boardroom.

“Instead, be a strategy person who happens to be good at marketing,” said Linton.

Why? Because, even though you are valued for this exact expertise, falling into ‘marketing speak’ will only lose the attention of your listeners.

It simply comes down to speaking to your audience. Not everyone on your board is going to understand the latest trends in digital media or content marketing.

But they will understand the numbers and terms that drive the business forward – like financials or customer retention.

“Just don’t make them translate,” said Linton.

Get to the point without detours in the conversation and use a vocabulary that everyone will understand.

Your board will thank you for it.

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