It’s time to use data for good and not for evil.

Data, Data Data…. ask any brand leader and they will tell you that without data it’s impossible to effectively or efficiently accelerate a brands’ growth.

To deny this shift is to be left behind, yet somewhere or somehow the proper evolution of our discipline towards more data-infused decision making has seemingly devolved marketing presentations into diatribes populated with page after page of cross-tabs, waterfall charts and regression analysis.

If video killed the radio star, than has data-driven decision making choked off refined strategic storytelling?

If we’ve learned anything from the recent U.S., election it’s that data is only as good as the questions you ask and the source itself giving you the answers. Simply put, data points shared without a cohesive story to frame it is a CMO’s worst enemy.

To evolve a brand, strengthen its connection with people, drive bottom line growth and break out from the competitive clutter of whatever category you are in, we must continue to push for more…

storytellingAs top marketing leaders, we must demand of ourselves and of those we work with to go the extra mile and mine for insights, showcasing interconnections and not just spitting out data.

Like it or not, the movement to a digitally lead eco-system has tilted the scale heavily towards science in the “scales of justice-esque” dynamic of the “art vs, science” marketing scale. Yet I would argue that it’s time for us to re-write the narrative related to our discipline.

Yet I would argue that it’s time for us to re-write the narrative related to our discipline.

Let’s re-define the expectations of our teams and our partners internally and externally; Re-establish the critical link between data and the behaviors and decisions it supposedly reflects; And re-claim the importance of using that data to craft a strategic story.

This article was originally published on Linkedin Pulse.