In a recent interview with Business Insider, Karen Quintos, CMO of Dell, shared her business goal for the future: ensuring that diverse voices are heard in the workplace by encouraging women’s advancement.

“I have two daughters, and I really believe that a lot of the barriers and obstacles that women in my generation had to address will be removed,” said Quintos.

As Dell’s CMO, she has led initiatives that not only elevate women in the workplace through goal setting and succession planning, but that train employees to remove some of the natural biases that may occur.

One particular area of focus? Men.

Dell’s participation in MARC (Men Advocating for Real Chance), a program focused on the role men play in women’s professional advancements, helps the company facilitate an open dialogue about the cultural challenges that individuals may have in their careers.

Quintos said it really helps create a more intimate team atmosphere where people become more sensitized to the diverse backgrounds from which their co-workers came.

“Diversity isn’t just about women – it’s about age, it’s about gender, it’s about experiences,” said Quintos.

Taking this proactive approach to reducing gender bias helps boost confidence in women and encourages men to lead the charge in promoting diversity and the forward trajectory of women in leadership roles.

In many companies, high-level women are the minority, so it’s up to the men to go beyond the excuse of “we can’t find the women” realizing it will be a better business outcome for all, said Quintos.

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