CMO Spotlight Interview

CMO Club Spotlight: Jerome Nadel of Rambus

Jerome Nadel, CMO of Rambus and Silicon Valley President
Jerome Nadel, CMO of Rambus; and Silicon Valley Chapter President

Two years ago, we featured Jerome Nadel, CMO of Rambus, in a Spotlight article.

Just recently, Jerome also became the new Silicon Valley Chapter President. So in light of his new position, we decided to check in with him, to get to know him a bit better!

1. You recently took over leadership of our Silicon Valley CMO Club Chapter and have some really innovative ideas for changes with that group. What would you like to see happen with your chapter over the next year?

I’m delighted and inspired to be leading the SV Chapter, as this is the epicenter of high-tech and disruption. I feel the size and vibrancy of this chapter should reflect that. Beyond our roundtable dinners, we’ve added “Marketing @” lunch-and-learn sessions where member CMOs invite the chapter to meet members of their team, sharing approach, deliverables, and challenges. Intimacy and sharing will create even more value to membership. I see this intimacy growing our chapter in 2018.

2. It’s been two years since we last checked in with you and you’re still head of marketing at Rambus. What new and exciting things are happening at your company?

Rambus required a turn-around when I joined with our new CEO in 2012; it required a shift in business model and a need to develop and sell products, beyond licensing IP. The last two years have proven this shift was possible and achievable. Accelerated by acquisitions, we now have a robust and relevant portfolio of products that move data faster and safer. We continue to grow in revenue, increase our share price, and market capitalization.

3. As a marketer, what are you MOST looking forward to in 2018?

I am an advocate of design-led marketing; leveraging user-centered design techniques to identify, develop, and market winning products and services. As technology advances and analytics more-and-more become the preeminent tool to identify, target, attract, and sell, I look forward to maintaining a humanistic approach to marketing. We still have greenfield opportunity to conceive, create and sell things that were not previously imagined. I believe 2018 will continue to blur physical and digital, and those who keep humans at the center will be the disruptive winners who understand and exploit.

4. On a personal level, what are you MOST looking forward to in 2018?

Topping 2017 is not going to be easy – this has been a fantastic year on both personal and professional fronts. I got engaged this year and do believe a wedding in 2018 is eminent. As well, I won the US Masters Cycling Championships in ’17, and am already working in body and mind for a repeat in ’18.

5. What are some of your personal passions? What excites you?

Well, the bike is an obvious passion, with over 11,000 miles and 45 races per year. I am passionate about what I do for work, for Rambus and the other companies I advise. I’m in love, and very passionate about that. Seeing my children (now 28 and 22) find their place in the world is amazing. I try to live a passion-filled life, humble but intense!