Ed Dandridge, Global Head of Marketing and Communications at AIG

CMO ClubHouse Conversations with Ed Dandridge, Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, AIG General Insurance

"If we don’t have a purpose, we’re missing an opportunity. That’s part of why I was attracted to marketing in the first place. It’s not just about selling more product or burnishing a brand, it’s about enabling companies to live up to their values and make meaningful contributions to society." - Ed

Ed Dandridge is a “global citizen.” His 30+ year career includes successful stints as a lawyer, television executive, crisis management consultant, political ad maker, industry association CEO, digital executive and today, as a Global CMO. At first glance, these roles may not seem to be related to each other. Ed sees it differently. “The law, politics, entertainment, marketing, they all have common fundamentals. It’s about advocacy, he says.” Ed is the son of a US Foreign Service Officer, moving every few years in his youth. He lived in Asia and Europe for almost half of his…