CMO Rapid Fire, ACE, UCHealth, Syracuse

CMO Rapid Fire: Behind the Scenes With CMOs From ACE, UCHealth and Syracuse University

There’s much more to a CMO than their business and marketing accomplishments so we created the #CMOrapidFire to get to know CMO Club Members a little better! Here is a quick roundup of recent members featured and an extra behind the scenes look at what you didn’t see the first time!

Carolann Dekker
CMO, American Council on Exercise
CMO Rapid Fire Carolann DekkerWhat we didn’t share:
Best Team Outing:  We did a team building activity call The Perch/Trapeze Jump which involved climbing to a very small platform on top of a pole 40’ in the air. If you can figure out how to stand on top of the platform then you have the chance to jump for the trapeze hanging just out of reach.  It was thrilling and really helped all of us see that we were capable of so much more than we thought.
If Not a Marketer, I’d Be: Running an animal rescue organization.
Coolest Professional Achievement: I wouldn’t say that there is a single defining achievement, but I can look back at my career and know that I’ve always left a purposeful legacy the supported my personal mission and helped get me where I am today.
Something you wanted to share:  Thank you to all of my fellow members who have been so kind and generous with your time and information over the past 2 years.  I’ve grown a lot because of it.

Manny Rodriguez
Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, UCHealth
CMO RAPID FIRE- MANNY RODRIGUEZ, InstagramWhat we didn’t share…
Reading Material: Sports Illustrated
Fun Fact: Was lead off runner on a High School mile relay team that set a record at the Melrose Games and the Vitalis Olympic invitational.  Melrose record stood for a pretty long time.
If not a marketer, I’d be: (cont.) I actually almost started a place in Hoboken NJ in 2005
Guilty Pleasure: Kit Kats and M&Ms.  I want this as a birthday cake:Manny Birthday Cake







Dara Royer
SVP, Chief Communications Officer, Syracuse University
CMO Rapid Fire Dara Royer 1What we didn’t share…
Hidden Talent: Ms. PacMan
Workout: Walking my dog Otis. He likes to chase squirrels.
Favorite Band: Fleetwood Mac
Favorite Book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: Deepak Chopra
Fun Fact: I love artichokes.

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